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Printable Political Map of Asia

Vladimir Putin - KGB Agent

US 20th Armored Division soldiers enter the Dachau concentration camp in Germany ...HD Stock Footage

9/11 Documentaries


The Benghazi Brief

Excerpts from Dinesh D’Souza’s book “THE BIG LIE”

Jumping to Conclusions, was the Gassing Really Assad ?

Exploratory Memorandum: Holy Land Foundation Trial

Ten Arabic Words: Bracken’s Challenge to National Security Professionals

Cultural Marxism

Dachau Concentration Camp Footage April 1945

David Horowitz Discover The Networks

Communists in US Government

The Hadiths 

Islamic Sexuality, a Survey of Evil

Jihad Watch


The Religion of Peace

The Koran

The Muslim Brotherhood in America

The Sunnah

America's Ruling Class - And the Perils of Revolution

LTC West answers a Marines question

Mosque Locator

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

The Clarion Project

The Conference That Legalized the Jewish State

Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes

TRAITOR (Sanctuary) Cities

McCain and the POW Cover Up

Muslims Of America

Answering Muslims

David Horowitz Freedom Center - School For Political Warfare

Agenda 21

Margaret Sanger Interview w/Mike Wallace

Cold War Museum

Jihad in America

Agenda 21 Starter Kit

Washington Kurdish Institute: Interview with Polat Can

Tactical Nuclear Weapons and NATO

CWR Outro "Sons of Norway" English Lyrics

Jihad in America..The Grand Deception: The Documents

Judicial Watch Special Report: Exposing The Deep State

107 Globalist GOP Enemies of American Workers

al - Taqiyya Why you can NEVER Trust a Moslem

What You Need To Know About The Democratic Socialists Of America

The Cloward and Piven Strategy (CPS)


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  3. Trump with his Bully Pulpit is calling out the Democrats on the self righteousness by calling attention to there own back yards. Proving what Hypocritical assholes they are. Don't let this talk of Trumps a racist get to anyone and the polling supporting that narrative is to drive public opinion.