Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Failed social experiments

In the last few months we have seen the results of dozens of social experiments that have come back to kick us in the teeth. Let’s start with the simplest.

  1. No fear of retribution. When we were children, if you acted up in school. You were not only disciplined at school, but also when your parents were notified you were punished again. Now schools aren't permitted to correct a child that is misbehaving, and the parents (if notified) will either do nothing or take them to a doctor who will over-medicate them to the point that they can’t act up.

  2. Participation Trophies. This was one of the greatest injustices perpetrated on this generation. The entire idea that “we won’t keep score, and everyone is a winner” to boost self-esteem is the reason today’s generation can’t deal with loss. We were taught the winners got trophies, the athletes that worked hard, or students that put forth the effort, could reap the rewards. You can look no further than the latest election to see a demonstration of how this generation stomps its feet, whines and riots when they don’t get their way.  We now have a generation that think they should be rewarded for showing up and not producing. Further demonstrating how an adult that graduates collage feels they should immediately be making six figures and be the CEO, because they never had to work to get the reward.
  3. Political Correctness. This is by far, the worst things we have done to this generation. Political correctness limits free speech, in turn limiting free thought. Universities are meant to bring about free thought and an exchange of ideas. This has become that you can exchange ideas if they are the same as everyone else’s, or the school is required to provide a “safe space”. This is one of the most insane thing I have ever heard. Debate is how great ideas are created and germinate. If everyone has the same opinion, how does society move forward?
  4.  Safe Spaces. This came about recently, but I am compelled to add it, this past election cycle the candidate they wanted to win lost. There were collage age students that were so distraught that they had to have safe spaces where they could play with play-doh, color with crayons, and generally have a place to calm down. Not to mention that many campuses canceled mid-term exams. 

Face it, the great social experiments have failed. We have created an entire generation of whiny, thin skinned, crybabies. If they can’t handle a little criticism or differing thoughts or ideas, they will get destroyed when they are exposed to the “real world”. When their boss is mean to them, or someone doesn't agree with their opinion, they will need to run out and get anti-anxiety medication. Just to complete the cycle. 

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