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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants to Revoke ‘Sanctuary City’ Status Amid Illegal Alien Invasion


Suspicious Cats Correct – Johnson and MacGregor Give Details

Tucker Carlson: Lloyd Austin Lied to Congress About Russia Losing the War; 'That Is a Crime'

Mike Pence Gets Booed At NRA Convention in Indiana

Kamala Harris Greets Al Sharpton With Fake Accent: “Rev., I Love You. Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

NBC’s Al Roker Blames Climate Change For Increase In MLB Home Runs


Senator Josh Hawley: 'The Entire Clinton Family Ought to be in Prison'

Biden Security Documents found in the streets of Ireland.

RFK Jr. Exposes "Event 201", Bill Gates, Fauci, and the Evil Plotting of the Covid Scamdemic

Trump: 'The Biggest Problem We Have in the Whole World Is Not Global Warming; It's Nuclear Warming'

Trump on Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal, Milley: 'These Are Idiots We're Dealing With'

Inflationist Janet Yellen Gaslights: 'The US Economy Is Obviously Performing Exceptionally Well'


KJP says that the Biden administration does not believe in setting age limits for children to have transgender surgeries

MSNBC’s Mitchell Suggests Australian-Style ‘Buyback’ in Wake of Louisville Shooting

POLICE SCANNER NAMES Louisville, KY, Man Connor Sturgeon as Mass Shooter – Former Employee Killed 4 People, Sent 8 People to Hospital

Woke Bud Light Executive Behind Dylan Mulvaney Marketing

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks Flips Her Lid After Being Confronted by Jon Stewart

“I Think He Was Jerking the Government Around” – Bill Barr Trashes Trump, Says ‘Good Chance’ Former President will Be Indicted For Obstruction in Classified Docs Case


The whiskey giant Jack Daniels now faces calls for boycotts over a 2021 ad campaign that featured drag queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

CBS’s Ed O’Keefe on Thursday blasted NSC spox John Kirby after the NSC released a report blaming Trump for Joe Biden’s deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

CBS News: “Biden’s decision to pull the US out of Afghanistan led to the collapse of its government, its military, the death of 13 Americans, & it left tens of thousands of Afghans hoping to escape.”

Former NCAA women’s swimming star Riley Gaines was reportedly “ambushed”

Victor Davis Hanson: ‘We are in the middle of a revolution that we don’t even know we’re in’

Omar Takes The Stand

Angry Leftist Interrupts Kari Lake’s Sold-Out Iowa City Event, Screams “F*ck You” – Lake Tells Him to Debate Her But He RUNS!

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods held a press conference

Megyn Kelly Unloads on Media for Treating Stormy Daniels Like 'Joan of Arc'



Free Miles Guo Representative Just Exposed Anthony Fauci

CCP Has A Color-Coded Strategy For America's Governors

“Whatever Reason He Is in Prison is Good Enough For Me” – Members of the Press Speak Their Mind to Undercover James O’Keefe at Trump Arraignment

“Where Are the Subpoenas?

Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy Notes Trump Indictment Doesn’t Outline any Crime

FOX and Friends Host Brian Kilmeade Argues in Support of Gag Order on Trump

Taxpayer Funded PBS Leads Coverage of Trump Case With Author of Anti-Trump Book

Matt Walsh's Exchange With a Man Pretending to Be a Woman Is Solid Gold

Janet Yellen Admits So-Called "Inflation Reduction Act" Is a Hoax to Push Radical Climate Agenda


President Trump’s Attorneys Will Immediately File a Motion to Dismiss After Reviewing BS Indictment from Corrupt NY DA

Soviet Born Rebekah Koffler Says “I’m Terrified” the “American Bolsheviks” Are “Trying to Destabilize America”

I Think They’re Compromised” — Rep. Tim Burchett on Biden Admin’s China Balloon Debacle

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton Discuss Vladimir Putin’s Interference in the 2016 Election

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Didn’t Hold Back: Calls Democrats ‘Pedophiles’ on 60 Minutes

On 60 Minutes MTG calls out RINOs by name saying ‘they FAILED us!’

“The Tactics of the Enemy Are Always the Same – The Enemy Is Trying to Eliminate Us” – Fr. Frank Pavone Compares the Enemies of Christ to the Enemies Out to Destroy Trump and America

DHS Chief: Biden Is Against Border Wall Because It’s “Immovable”


The Irishman - Al Pacino Says You're Late Clip

“I Am Hardcore MAGA Tonight. M-A-G-A. They Want to Turn This Country into a Communist Marxist Hellhole. This is Tyranny. This is BULLSH*T” – Jason Whitlock on Tucker Carlson

Glenn Beck goes NUCLEAR with Tucker Carlson in response to Trump’s indictment and DAAAMN

BREAKING: Alex Jones statement on #TrumpIndictment echos Glenn Beck ‘s warning:

“Our Hearts Go Out to the Trans Community as They Are Under Attack Right Now” – Karine Jean-Pierre After Transgender Terrorist Murders Christians

Reid was discussing DeSantis’ statement with former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissman

California State Sen. Scott Wiener Calls Christian Org A ‘Hate Group’ For Saying ‘Men Cannot Have A Menstrual Cycle’


Kari Lake Owns Former Jeb Bush Lackey Tim Miller: 'You Dress Like a 13-Year-Old'

Merrick Garland: Christian School Shooter’s Motive Will Determine Hate Crime or Not

Geraldo Rivera Calls for Assault Weapon Ban: ‘Shame on the 2nd Amendment’

Katie Hobbs’s Press Secretary Resigns After Tweet Advocating Gun Violence Against ‘Transphobes’ on the Heels of Transgender Shooter Killing Six in Nashville

Rep. Matt Gaetz Tears Into Defense Sec Lloyd Austin On Funding Drag Queen Story Hour On Military Bases

James O’Keefe Strikes Again! O’Keefe Media Group Exposes MASSIVE Democrat Party Money Laundering Scheme in US Elections

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Has No Answer For How or Why IRS Agents Showed Up Unannounced to Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi’s Home

“Did You Parachute in from Another Planet?” – Sen John Kennedy ROASTS Sec. Mayorkas Over Open Southern Border- Mayorkas Left Bamboozled When Asked to Define Assault Weapon


Kinzinger: ‘Trump as Jesus Movement’ Is a Real Threat to This Country

Rep. Jim Banks: Biden Pentagon Focusing on DEI Instead of Protecting America

Matt Gaetz Calls on Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz to Endorse Donald Trump for President

Kamala Harris Absurdly Claims Americans Are Recovering From High Prices Because of Joe Biden’s Hard Work

Humza Yousaf, a Muslim who complained about too many white people in the Scottish government, was elected the new head of the Scottish National Party.

“This Market is Going to be Different in a Couple of Weeks” – Kenyan President Ruto Urges His Constituents Who “Hoard” US Dollars to Get Rid of Them

A bill mandating ethnic studies in Minnesota schools, would teach “hopelessness to kids of color,” a black mother of three children told a hearing on Tuesday.

AOC says people criticizing drag shows for kids are "projecting" because "cisgender straight men" are the real threat to children


Guess His IQ: Cognitively Impaired Four-Star General Gives Bizarre Answer When Asked About Coups in Africa

 Kari Lake: Whistleblowers Rejected A Staggering Amount of Bad Ballots Which Higher Ups Pushed Thru

Florida Rep Will Robinson Trolled Into Reading Fake Names During Meeting, His Reaction Is Priceless

Biden Judicial Nominee Who List his Pronouns on Twitter Bio Doesn't Know What a 'Brady Motion' Is

Karine Jean-Pierre Melts Down After Fox Reporter Asks About Chinese Payments to Biden Family


Biden Treasury Sec. Insists The IRS Is Unpopular Because They Are Too Small…

Dem Rep. McCollum Thanks Biden Defense Officials For Focus On Abortions And Climate Change


Joe Rogan: We Would Be F**ked Right Now If It Weren’t for Independent Journalists

The Fox Morning crew looks like they are going to pass out after recapping how Trump is crushing DeSantis in the polls

Rep. @JamesComer : "I have subpoenaed bank records to prove that the [Biden] family took over $1 million from a Chinese Communist Party-backed energy company

Trump New York Grand Jury Wednesday Session Canceled After Bombshell Report DA Bragg Withheld Evidence

Joe Biden: “Any Woman Who I’m Giving One Medal to Please Don’t Get Angry with Me If I Mess Up Your Hair”

Where’s the red state AG arrest warrant for Fauci?

DC Resident Tells Muriel Bowser / Fauci: Y'all Attack People With Fear, That's What This Pandemic Is

Chinese Nationals Are Illegally Crossing SW Border in Record Numbers Amid Concerns About Spying

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