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Michael Cohen Is Out for Revenge Against Trump – Says, ‘If it Was Good Enough For Me to Go to Prison, It Should Be Good Enough For Him’

MSNBC Hints Trump’s “Take Back Nation” Call a Crime…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Says There is ‘No Reason’ For Anyone to Protest Trump’s Arrest, ‘This is the Law Operating as it Should’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is urging people not to protest if former President Donald Trump is indicted.

“We Won’t Accept a Ceasefire” – NSC Communications Director John Kirby Says War Should Continue Because a Ceasefire Would Favor Putin

Dem Rep. Maxine Waters Outraged Conservatives “Hate” Progressive Government, Politics

Today News Africa Reporter Accuses Karine Jean-Pierre of “Making a Mockery of the First Amendment” After She Shouts Him Down

Remembering those who said the Iraq war would be short


Retired Colonel Doug MacGregor: 'The Truth Is Coming Out That This War Was NOT Started by Russia'


Tucker Carlson Explains His Biggest Regret as a Person Working in Media

The Orthodox monks from Ukraine recently released a video where they call out to the international Christian community following their persecution by the Zelensky regime.

Radical MN Lt. Gov. Flanagan Says “Good Parents” Support Trans Intervention of Minors

Chicago reporter William Kelly

Joe Rogan Unloads on Fake Meat: 'It's Really Bad for You'

FLASHBACK March 16, 2020: "15 Days to Slow the Spread" [Notice Birx, Fauci Laughing]

James O’Keefe Launches New Company OMG - O’Keefe Media Group


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joined talk show host Jimmy Dore recently to discuss the US involvement with bioweapons programs, Dr. Fauci’s funding of coronavirus gain-of-function research and the Anthrax scare in 2001.


Pentagon Officials Suggest that Alien Mothership May Visit Our Solar System and Launch Smaller Probes to Earth

Joe Biden Targets Gun Manufacturers in CA Speech: “I Am Determined, Once Again, to Ban Assault Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines!”

Dem Sen. Bob Menendez Won’t Say If He’d Support Declaring Mexican Cartels As Terrorist Organizations

MSNBC Wants Baseball Moved Out of Florida Over DeSantis’ War On Woke

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Dismisses Data Showing Michigan Lockdowns Were Useless

Dem Rep. Nancy Pelosi On Joe Biden: “A Magnificant Leader”


Wall Street Journal reported the Energy Department had determined that coronavirus most likely came from a laboratory in China


Kamala Harris roasted for saying kids are facing terrible "climate mental health" issues. Here are some of the best replies.

President Donald Trump and DC Gulag Political Prisoners Release “Justice for All” – RIVETING VIDEO that Will BRING YOU TO TEARS!

CNBC’s Jim Cramer urged investors to buy Silicon Valley Bank stock $SIVB last month, saying it was “cheap” and has “room to run”

Cat Out of the Bag: The Most Popular Podcaster in the World Is Talking About Ray Epps

Democrats Try to Paint Witnesses as Biased During Twitter Files Hearing; It Backfires Gloriously

Jill Biden Gives “Woman of Courage” Award To Biological Male



Michael Moore self hatred

Schumer on Tucker

Mitch on Tucker

KJP on attack on Democracy

Insurance analyst Josh Stirling just released bombshell data on the connection between COVID-19 vaccines and “all-cause mortality.”

“Foreign Scumbags Who Control This Network” – Steve Bannon Goes Off on FOX News Owners the Murdoch Family

Cringe-Inducing: Kamala Harris Tells Story About Asking Her Mother Why Conservatives Were “Bad”…

Jill Biden On Concerns Over Biden’s Age: “Look At The Man, Look What He’s Doing”

Tucker Carlson Reveals Precisely How He Discovered the J6 Committee Members Were Lying


Woody on Stuff

Joe Biden in Alabama: “I Was a Student Up North in the Civil Rights Movement.. I Remember Feeling How Guilty I Was I Wasn’t Here

J6 Political Prisoners at DC Gulag Leak Heart-Breaking Video from Inside Jail Praying and Singing National Anthem

Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Absurdly Claims Biden “Reduced the Flow of Illegal Border Crossings”

8-Year-Old Starts $5,000 Fundraiser for Favorite Waiter’s Family, Zooms Past Goal After Heartwarming Story Goes Viral

Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Embarrasses Reporter Who Asks How New Gang Task Force Can “Help Gang Members” Instead of Arresting Them


UPDATE: Tucker Carlson on J6 Surveillance Footage: “We Will Bring You Information Next Week”

Democrat Jamie Raskin Really Doesn't Like it When You Say Democrat Party

Seth Holehouse: Covid Wasn’t The BioWeapon — The CCP Race-Specific Killer Injections Are

Gov. Mike DeWine Refuses to Answer Questions About the "Controlled" Burn That Caused Ohio Chernobyl

'The Deep State Is Real, Arguably the Greatest Threat That Our Republic Faces'

Sky News Host Brought to Tears Laughing at Joe Biden’s Endless Blunders

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Richard Bailey, the mayor of Coronado, has reinforced a no-encampment policy in his city, which now reports the lowest homeless population in the state.


Bill Maher @billmaher My problem with the media from both sides isn't that they lie. It's that they tell me their side of the story that they want me to know and not the whole story.

Fauci caught in lies

Left Wing Hack Stephen Colbert Mocks Report That COVID Leaked From a Lab

Trump Supporters Barred by DeSantis Staff from Governor’s Book Appearance in Florida

Dr. Tony Fauci Increased Personal Wealth from $7.6 Million to $12.6 Million During Pandemic – A 65% Increase in Wealth!

Watch Unhinged Randi Weingarten Suffers Absolute MELT DOWN Over Student Debt Payments Outside SCOTUS


Neil Oliver, “What the Hell – We’re Rationing Tomatoes(3 clips

Matt Gaetz Completely DEMOLISHED General Milley and Sec. Austin For Incompetence

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson is HANDS DOWN the finest reporter in the state of Arizona!


“I Stand with James O’Keefe”

Watch What Happens When Kamala Harris Enters A Room And Asks The Crowd To Applaud Her

‘This Is Not a Joke” – Alex Jones Says The DOJ Wants His Cat for Sandy Hook Families

Rage Against The War Machine

Operation Strawman - Casino Skimming

VP Harris is waxing rhapsodic about Venn diagrams again

Disgusting: In a Time of Crisis, Joy Behar Tells “These People” in East Palestine “That’s What You Voted For”

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries Confronted About Warmongering at Townhall

“Why Does Just FOX Get This?” Mike Lindell Announces Lawsuit To Get Access To 44,000 Hours Of January 6th Footage


Biden hit for boasting of growing up in Polish community during Poland visit: 'I thought he was Puerto Rican'

Fulton County grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs

Left-Wing Historian: Biden Ukraine Visit Was ‘Presidential Bravery’ Not Seen Since Lincoln

Florida Doctor Removed from Hospital Board Meeting After Testifying on the Effectiveness of Ivermectin to Treat Covid

“She Is Indistinguishable from the Neo-Liberal Donor Base” – Tucker Carlson Savages Nikki Haley in Cold Open

Trump: “We Need to Clean House of all Warmongers and America-Last Globalists in National Security Industrial Complex”


CNN: East Palestine, Ohio Residents Break Out in Rashes, Report on Headaches After Toxic Chemical Explosion – Imagine That!

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Bernie Sanders Confronted By CBS Host For Charging $95 For Tickets To Anti-Capitalism Book Tour

Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw on Toxic Chemical Explosion: “Frankly, That Told Us There Was Success… We’re Making Progress”

Biden Secretary of State Blinken Announces $185 Million in Aid to Turkey Following Earthquake – But Administration Ignores East Palestine

Tina Peters announces run for GOP Chair of Colorado!! @KariLake has endorsed her in this race!

Biden: White Families Still Celebrate Lynchings…


abc on train derailment

'Failure At All Levels': Tucker Carlson Calls For DeWine, Shapiro, Buttigieg Resignations

Joe Biden Claims He Got Involved in the Civil Rights Movement as a Public Defender

In 1987, Joe Biden claimed he marched in the civil rights movement. A few months later, Biden disavowed the claim.

McConnell told the Europeans to look to him and Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Biden White House Denies Ohio Request for Federal Disaster Assistance Following Train Derailment and Toxic Chemical Mushroom Cloud Explosion

12-Year-Old Football Player Dies Suddenly After Collapsing on the Field During Practice

“Do You Believe in the Tooth Fairy?” – Sen. John Kennedy Slices Up Delusional Climate Alarmist


Attorney Representing East Palestine Residents Urges Locals DO NOT Take Initial Payment from Norfolk Southern

Joe Biden Refers to Democrat Wes Moore – Maryland’s First Black Governor as “Boy”

Iowa Reporter Asks Kari Lake If She Is Running For President – Kari DISMANTLES Media With Her Response, Calls Them Out For Lying About President Trump

East Palestine Town Meeting Scheduled for Tonight on Derailment and Toxic Explosion – Overflow Crowd Expected

One-World Government Pusher Klaus Schwab: 'Our Life in 10 Yrs From Now Will Be Completely Different'

Damar Hamlin Awkwardly Pauses 10-Sec When Asked: 'How Did Doctors Describe What Happened to You?'

Dr. McCullough: Lawsuits Are Coming for Those Who Defrauded the Public


Chris Christie: Republicans Made ‘Big Mistake’ Heckling Biden at State of the Union

NSC Spox John Kirby Asked Why Joe Biden is AWOL and Has Not Publicly Addressed the Multiple “Objects” Shot Down Over US, Canada

@RepHageman is absolutely right – Yes, the memo was withdrawn, but that’s not sufficient. Why was the memo written in the first place? There’s a culture of hostility toward religion in the @FBI that needs an exorcism

More Chemicals Identified in Ohio Train Wreck, Fish and Wildlife Turning Up Dead, Residents Told Safe to Return Home

General Glen VanHerck is asked whether the Pentagon has ruled out aliens regarding the objects that have been shot down: "I haven't ruled out anything at this point."

Yeonmi Park said Columbia teachings were 'exact same' ideas she learned in North Korea

Rep. Byron Donalds asked if he’s ‘ever been accused of being black,’ how to regain lost ‘black card’


Tulsi Gabbard Tears Apart Vile RINO Mitt Romney During Hearing For Accusing Her Of Treason

FBI Admits to Targeting Devout Catholics

Matt Gaetz Leaves Democrat Witness Squirming And Stuttering

Kari Lake Destroys Smug Piers Morgan: ‘I Frankly Don’t Give a Damn What You Think About It’

'Two FBIs': Whistleblowers accuse DC HQ of trampling Constitution, field offices

Rep Byron Donalds Crushes Ex-Twitter Fascist Yoel Roth

Sarah Huckabee's Rebuttal Was An "Insult" To President Trump's Triumphant Four Years

Matt Walsh: You Can Beat Leftists By Making Them ‘State Their Premise,’ Which They Won’t Do Because It’s ‘Evil’


GOP Revolt MTG and Rep Ogles 2 clips

Secure the border

Finish The Job

Name Me One

Pelosi: Biden Showed Energy, Empathy, Hopefulness of a Presidential Candidate

LeBron James posts then deletes video from Charlie Kirk of Morgan Freeman slamming Black History Month

FOREVER WAR! Americans Must Prepare to Support Ukraine "For Quite Some Time” Says Biden Admin

Rep. Comer Confronts Yoel Roth About His Tweet Calling Trump and His Supporters “Actual Nazis”

Reporter Confronts Bill Gates on His Hypocrisy on Climate Activism as He Continues to Fly Private All Over the World

@RepClayHiggins to former Twitter 1.0 Executives: “This is the investigation part


Best of James Traficant

The Wonderful World Of Disney' (Intro, 1975)

Here is Disney’s The Proud Family singing about how “slaves built this country”

Buttigieg On Biden’s Lackluster Approval: “So Many Accomplishments…It Can Be Difficult To List”

Poll: 67% Of Voters “Have Reservations Or Are Very Uncomfortable With” A Biden Second Term

AOC: Republicans Racist For Removing Antisemitic Rep. Ilhan Omar From Foreign Affairs Committee

The View Hags Denounce Pledge Of Allegiance As A “Waste Of Time”

TREASON! Rep. Waltz Says DOD Told Him China Spy Balloons Crossed US During Trump Years But Gen. Mattis DID NOT TELL TRUMP – Thought He Was Too Aggressive


Boris Johnson ‘Appalled’ by Tucker Carlson’s Influence over GOP Views on Russia

Tucker Carlson called Boris Johnson a 'terrified old woman,' officially kicking off a feud with the former British PM

McCarthy throws Ashli Babbitt and MTG under the bus… Trump reacts furiously

Ilham Omar vote was hilarious(2 clips)

Montana Sen. Daines 'alarmed' at Chinese spy balloon, says 'significant concern' that ICBM fields targeted

Call Child Protective Services: Weeping Ron Klain Calls Biden ‘the Best Father and Role Model I Know’

Stage Being Set for a Mighty Fall for Joe Manchin

“Listen, they are not predicting food shortages, they’re planning them!!” Remember who…


Kamala Harris mocked for 'patronizing' space launch description: 'Like a 5-year old wrote this'

Elise Stefanik: House Republicans Will Hold Democrats Accountable for Failed Coronavirus Policies

MSNBC’s Reid: DeSantis’ Florida a ‘Right-Wing Fantasy Land – Like Disney World But in Hell’

Donald Trump Shreds ‘Fake News Media’ in Series of Videos: ‘Not Reporting with Credibility Has Its Consequences’

Stomach-Stapled Stalinist Jerrold Nadler Opposes Gaetz Amendment to Say Pledge of Allegiance

Mister Rogers Tried To Warn Us About The Dangers Of Transgenderism

Ukrainian President Zelensky ordered government officials to destroy all information on Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Company on the same day Russia invaded the country.

Meet the 3500 Heroes Who Volunteered Their Time to Expose the Most Heinous Crime in Modern History


Bill Gates Claims He Regrets Having Dinner with Jeffrey Epstein and Dismisses Any Ties Between His Foundation and Epstein’s Organization

WHO Decides COVID-19 Pandemic is Not Over

Karyn Turk and Ed Henry STUNNED with Joe Hoft and TGP’s Latest Reports on MORE Classified Docs on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

British Public chanting "SHAME ON YOU" to the BBC at a demonstration outside BBC Broadcasting House in London. Hated in their own country & spreading *FAKE PROPAGANDA* in other countries, especially India.

Sen. Ted Cruz Says FBI Should Search Hunter Biden’s Home for Classified Docs

President Trump Calls Into Kari Lake’s HUGE Save Arizona Rally – THOUSANDS Erupt In Cheers

Sunday Talks, Harmeet Dhillon Discusses RNC Chair Outcome and Her View of Future


Democrat Senate Leader Schumer Warns: ‘The House GOP is Threatening Spending Cuts’

Joe Biden Admitted Sending Tanks To Ukraine Would Be World War 3 Months Before He Did Just That

Biden Clenches His Teeth And Screams During Another On-Stage Meltdown

Nuland: Russia's Negotiating Position Is 'Capitulate And Then Maybe We'll Talk'

The View: Gun Owners Have a “Mental Illness” That Must “Be Stopped”

WH Clown Insists Swalwell, Schiff, Omar “Bring A Lot To The Table” On National Security

WH: Says It’s A “Non-Issue” That Biden Sold U.S. Strategic Oil Reserves To Communist China


Biden Forgets the Name of His Secretary of Defense During Remarks on Sending Ukraine M1 Abrams Tanks… Almost Calls Him “Speaker”

Dr. Naomi Wolf on COVID Vaccine: “A Bioweapon – Manufactured in Concert with the CCP – In a Slow Way to Debilitate If Not Kill Off the Population of North America and Western Europe”(clips)

Morning Mika

Rep. Matt Gaetz on the War Room(2 clips)

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Confront NYT Reporter Alec Goldman

New York Mayor WHINES about having to ‘carry the weight’ of Biden’s immigration fiasco


George Santos (@realjonlovitz) responds to the media frenzy surrounding his fabricated resume. #FallonTonight

Bill Barr Joins Bill Maher to Trash President Trump and Revive His Reputation with the Left

Australia: Death by Heart Attack Surges by 17% in 2022 – What Changed?

‘There will be no Cars’ – Saudi Arabian Diplomat Celebrates Utopian Development that Eliminates Ownership Of Private Vehicles

Far left protestors with @OurRightsDC march by Justice Kavanaugh’s home in the rain. Police stand guard.

Kamala Harris Omits Declaration of Independence’s Right to ‘Life’ in Address on Abortion

People have no idea which party started the KKK

Media Ignores GA Domestic Terrorists or Calls Them Peaceful Protesters


Nothing Better Than Kamala Harris Trying To Explain Electricity

Woman Defending Maricopa County Election Officials After Midterm Election Debacle BOOED OFF STAGE

Al Gore Gives ‘Unhinged’ Rant About ‘Rain Bombs’ And ‘Boiling Oceans’ During Speech At World Economic Forum

President George Santos:

What does trans ‘expert’ say to do about family members “skeptical” about your 4-year-old “trans kiddo”

Karine Jean-Pierre Delivers Word Salad When Asked Why Biden Said He Has “No Regrets” About Hiding Stolen Classified Documents in His Garage

Tucker on FAA


California Rep. Eric Swalwell Denies Any Wrongdoing In Alleged ‘Fang Fang’ Relationship

Al Gore Tells World That Inflation Reduction Act Is Really A Climate Change Act

@greggutfeld : “What does AR stand for?”

Brilliant speech addressed to our ‘woke’ youth fighting #climatechange by Konstantine Kisin.(2clips)

“The First Step Here is Exposure… So We Can Actually Have Accountability” – Senator Ron Johnson Discusses the “COVID Cartel” and the Nuremberg Trials

CAUGHT HIM! Rebel News pummels Pfizer CEO with questions at World Economic Forum

FOIA Requests Reveal There Were No DOJ Investigations on Election Fraud After 2020 Election as Bill Barr Claimed 2 clips


NBC News’ Chuck Todd and Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson duked it out Sunday over Hunter Biden and potential media bias on “Meet The Press.”

Random Caller Tells Radio Host He Once Personally Covered Up A ‘Mortifying’ Biden Security Breach

Biden Threatens Conservatives at MLK Breakfast: “If You Want to Take on the Federal Government, You Need Some F-15s, You Don’t Need an AR-15”

Former Commercial Airline Pilot Reveals Wealthy Elites Want UNVACCINATED PILOTS To Fly Their Jets Around The World

Ultra MAGA Combines Blatant Lies by Fauci and DC Elites with TGP TRUTHS… “No Question – It’s Mass Homicide” -EPIC VIDEO

Crooked Rod Rosenstein Says DOJ Should Just Ask Biden If He Was Aware of Documents in His Possession

The FBI Needs to be Dissolved!


Victor Davis Hanson on FOX Suggests That the Topics of the Documents Held by Joe Biden Were Ukraine and China

Sweetheart Pleas Deal Offered to Suspect by Leftist NY DA Bragg in Violent anti-Semitic Attack

REPUBLICANS DID IT! The View Pushes Conspiracy Theories About Biden Classified Documents

Democrat suggests classified docs in Biden's home, office may have been 'planted' after second batch found

“We’ve Seen the Corrupt Government Gangsters Go Out and Cover Up the Corrupt Activities” – Kash Patel on Special Counsel Robert Hur

Tornadoes ripped through several southeastern states on Thursday with extensive damage in parts of Alabama and Georgia.

Cringe Alert: Kamala Harris Rambles On About How Much She “Loves” Electric School Buses…


Good Lord, what an idiot – Catturd on Joy Behar

Jim Jordan on 1st Amendment

CNN: The Science is Showing Us Having a Gas Stove in a Home Is “Like Having a Car Idling There”

FAA Temporarily Grounds All US Flight Departures Amid Nationwide System Failure

Farmer reveals the REAL reason for the egg shortage

Project Veritas Strikes Again: Pfizer scientist admits the unthinkable on hidden camera… they all knew

Neil deGrasse Tyson Throws a Fit After Interviewer Questions Covid Vaccine Efficacy


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Agrees Joe Biden is Legitimately Elected President

ABC Appalled Armed Robber Gets Stopped By Armed Good Samaritan

ABC Panics Over McCarthy Victory: U.S. Fiscal Security in Jeopardy!

'Jolly' Ex-Rep on MSNBC: Probe of FBI, CIA Abuses 'Heroin In Veins of Fox News Viewers'

Darren Beattie of Revolver explaining the mysterious and oddly elusive “Scaffold Man.”(2 clips)


“They Are Making Fun Of Us” – Yes We Are! 😂 – Mark Dice

Brian Kilmeade Just Infuriated Every Trump Supporter With This Nasty “Freudian Slip” On Live TV

Deep State Crenshaw is so pissed off at the 20.(2 clips)

'Selfish agenda': Watch incoming GOP congressman go ballistic on anti-McCarthy Republicans

Not True: WH Says Biden “Inherited A Mess” At Southern Border

Biden Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas Refuses To Say The Border Is In “A Crisis”

The View Hag Joy Behar Attacks Conservative And “Heterosexual Men” For Liking Football


Boebert to House Republicans: “President Trump needs to Tell Kevin McCarthy, ‘Sir, You Do Not Have the Votes, It’s Time to Withdraw'” — ELITES BOO!

Joe Biden Calls GOP Division on House Speakership Vote “Embarrasing”

Joe Biden Begins Shouting For No Reason in Kentucky, “Think About Why the Recession Got So Bad Two Years Ago”

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Reveals Kevin McCarthy REJECTED Key Offer That Would Have Secured Him the Speakership

Kari Lake Calls For Recall of Maricopa County Supervisors and Recorder Stephen Richer

Here’s Rep. Byron Donalds’ Response When Asked if He’s Worried About Retribution Following McCarthy’s Sixth Humiliating Loss

RINO Dan Crenshaw Calls 20 Republicans Who Refuse to Vote for McCarthy “Terrorists”


Ceremony held to remember Roberto Clemente

Maryland Dem: We Don’t Want GOP Investigating Biden’s Botched Afghan Withdrawal

Jill Biden’s New Year Message: “Go Get That COVID Vaccine”…

Kamala Harris Says She Has “Profound Concern” Over “Misinformation And Disinformation” On Twitter

Jimmy John’s restaurant chain founder Jimmy John Liautaud

“Kamikazes – Will Sink the Whole Republican Party” – Newt Loses It Over Anti-McCarthy Hold-Outs

FOX Host Lawrence Jones Embarrasses Himself – RAGES at GOP Rep. for Not Supporting Paul Ryan’s Buddy Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

Asa Hutchinson on Trump: I think Jan. 6 really disqualifies him for the future


Equity Investment Executive Ed Dowd: 1.7 Million Americans Placed on Disability – Directly Related to COVID Vaccine(2 clips)

Joe Rogan Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Being In ‘Leftist Bubble’ Of Hollywood

Potential Food Shortages in US? Here’s What May Be Scarce in 2023

Biden Silent As Americans Grapple With Nationwide Shortage Of Kid’s Meds, Antibiotics

Biden Signs $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill After Having It Flown 1,500 Miles To His Vacation On St. Croix…

Tweet of The Day


Rand Paul Reveals the CRAZIEST Things Biden Wasted Your Money On

When I was growing up, Kwanzaa was a special time in our home. Today, my family and I are reflecting on the seven principles. Happy Kwanzaa!

Taliban Shoot At Women Protesting For Their Right To An Education

List Crowns 2022’s “Worst of The Woke” Companies

Darren Beattie DJT interview trailer

After months in Ukraine training soldiers, Ret Col Andrew Milburn of @TheMozartGroup mercenary firm gets sauced on camera & spills the beans


Hunter’s Laptop From Hell Becomes Christmas Song “Rudolph’s Laptop”

Buffalo Looters

Pelosi Wishes Everyone A “Happy Shwanza”…

Woman Arrested Near British Abortion Center For Praying

Big ‘Brother’ is watching! Rachel Levine wants tech companies to censor gender-related ‘misinfo’

Christmas In Detroit: What A Crock!

Elon Musk "To be totally frank, almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true."


It's begining to look alot like treason


Media Dutifully Parrots ‘Zelensky Is Winston Churchill’ Talking Point

One of my ideas is decentralizing the Republican National Committee outside of DC and into America

Critical Race Theory

Tucker Carlson lashes out at 'aging' Republicans 'in their orthopedic shoes' for opposing Vladimir Putin

Assisted dying laws in Canada expanded to include mental illness

Marine Recruiters Tackle, Detain Smash-and-Grab Thieves at Los Angeles Mall

Lindsey Graham Predicts War in Ukraine Will End After Russians ‘Take Putin Out’


Immaculate Reception

KARI LAKE TRIAL: AZ Co Elections Director - Scott Jarrett completely evades answering whether or not the 2022 AZ Midterm elections had obvious and documented disruptions

Maricopa County Recorder admits chain of custody is totally meaningless, they can magically say how many ballots appear at central tabulation facility

PAUL RYAN WAS IN ON IT! Speaker Ryan KNEW DOJ was Spying on Rep. Nunes and His Staff – Allowed It to Happen – Never Notified White House!(2 clips)

Oh NOW you tell us!? That masks won’t cut the respiratory infection rate of covid?

Biden Smirks As His Staff Desperately SCREAMS At Reporters To Stop Them From Asking Biden Questions


“To Watch These Evil Bastards… If They Think They Are Going to Get Away With It They Messed with the Wrong Bitch!”

Sunday Talks, Incoming House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan Discusses His Intended Approach to Investigate DHS, FBI and Social Media Platform Political Censorship

Hunter the white nosed crackhead

Goodbye Adam Kinzinger

Maricopa County Attorney Claims That “Voter Suppression” No Longer Exists – Term Reserved For Lynching Of Black People From 1865 To 1933

White House Refuses to Comment on Latest Twitter Files Showing FBI’s Involvement Suppressing Hunter Biden Laptop Story

AMPFest 2022 Crowd Chants “Lock Him Up” When Lauren Boebert Talks of Joe Biden’s Part in Family’s Multi-Million Dollar Pay for Play Schemes


Understand what’s going on in Brazil

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are already surging across the open US border.

FACE IT, THEY HATE YOU: RNC Had Only One Attorney on Ground in Nevada the Day After Election – Pulled Out of AZ – With 30%-60% Broken Machines – And Let the GOP Candidates Bleed Out

Pelosi Gets Heated Over Simple Question All Americans Deserve to Know Answer to: ‘Don’t Bother Me’

“The Answer Is Yes. I Believe They Were Involved” – Top Intelligence Source Tells Tucker Carlson the CIA Was Involved in Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Biden pledges U.S. taxpayers will pay South Africa $8 billion to shut down their coal power plants

“They Oughta Be Fired Today” – Steve Bannon and Seb Gorka Lash Out at Those Behind Trump Digital Cards Announcement


Joe Biden at US-Africa Business Forum: “Prosper Africa Deal Room.. That Sounds Like Something We Shouldn’t be Saying”

Rep. Nancy Mace Absolutely LEVELED A Guest Of The House Oversight Committee

On Wednesday Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was a guest on The Briefing with Steve Scully, on SiriusXM satellite radio. Rep. Biggs spoke with host Steve Scully about challenging Rep. Kevin McCarthy to become Speaker of the House.

Stunning: Here Are 100 Times Press Secretary KJP Tells Reporters She “Doesn’t Have Anything”

Kamala Harris Praises African Leaders: “Ability To See What Can Be, Unburdened By What Has Been”

Teachers’ Union Boss Randi Weingarten Grovels To Jill Biden, Says Joe Has Done “Maybe More Than FDR”…


“We Need to Nail Down Every Elected Republican and Ask Them Where They Stand on the 2022 Election!” – Kari Lake Calls Out Republicans and Throws Down the Gauntlet

Fauci: It’d “Have Been Very Difficult” To Keep Schools, Businesses Open During Pandemic

Rudy Giuliani: You realize that Biden is a lifelong criminal

Cringe-Inducing: Kamala Harris Starts Laughing Hysterically After Swearing In LA Mayor Karen Bass

Lockerbie Bombing Suspect In U.S. Custody

WH Denies Biden Admin, Federal Agencies Work With Social Media To Censor Content…

Dem Rep. Adam Schiff Gushes Over Biden’s Foreign Policy: “Biden Admin Has Done A Remarkable Job”


Matt Strickland is a fifth-generation Virginian

Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema switching party affiliation to Independent Sinema, who since entering Congress has had an independent streak, declined to say that would still vote along with her former party.

Climate Czar John Kerry: It’d Be “Great” If There Were Taxpayer Funds To Pay Climate Reparations

Biden Admin Claims There Was “Suppression” In Gerogia Election

Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Laments War In Ukraine Because It “Altered The Dynamics Of The Energy Transition”

Lib Teacher Says Grammar Rules Based In “White Supremacy”

Suburban School in Illinois Calls Police on Child with Autism Over Missing Vaccination Records


Tom Cotton drops mic on woke Kroger CEO for running to Republicans to save merger from Democrats: 'Best of luck'(2 clips)

Democrat Rep. Dingell Says Joe Biden Doesn’t Need to go to the Border Because “He’s Seen the Photos”

Duke University Hospital Denies Life Saving Kidney Transplant to Dying 14-Year-Old Girl for Being Unvaccinated

Developing: Brazilian Military in “Firefights with Commandos and Marxist Guerillas”


Sunday Talks, Incoming Republican House Intelligence Chairman – Orange Man Bad, Joe Biden Should Be Commended, Zelenskyy is Awesome, More Money for Ukraine, Working Great with Adam Schiff and Mark Warner(2 clips)

Chris Wray, Bill Barr and Paul Ryan Are Part the Gang Behind Russiagate and Lies About Hunter Biden Laptop

Local Authorities Shut Down VA Business 2 Years After Violating State COVID Policy — So Owner Matt Strickland Filmed the Entire Raid and Shamed Them for Being Puppets of Regime

Karine Jean-Pierre Lashes Out at Elon Musk, Calls Twitter’s Censorship of the New York Post Story on Hunter Biden’s Laptop “a Distraction”

Former EcoHealth Vice President Dr. Andrew Huff Says “Dr. Fauci Is Continuing to Be Dr. Fauci – A Liar”

Rachel (Dick) Levine Now Openly Advocating For Pediatricians To Become Groomers


Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan appeared on CNN to share his opinion of Republican candidate Hershel Walker.

John Fredericks On The Ground, State of Georgia Senate Ballot Race – DNC Gathering Ballots, RNC Wasting Time Losing in Court

“We’ve Caught Him Red-Handed and He Won’t Get Away” – Senator Rand Paul Accuses Fauci of Funding Research that Caused 7 Million People To Die

AfriForum at UN: “South Africa is the Most Racist Government in the World”

The Flemington Board of Education

Catholic Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla:


Joe Biden: “No One’s Ever Done as Much as President as This Administration is Doing. Period.”

Joe Biden Mistakenly Believes He’s Being Heckled at White House Nations Tribal Summit

“Every Step Of The Process Is Involved With Fraud” – Lara Logan Exposes The REAL BIG LIE, Maricopa County’s Certification Of Another Rigged Election

BRUTAL! Rep. Matt Gaetz DESTROYS Liar Kevin McCarthy on Free Speech and Taking on Big Tech — IN HIS OWN WORDS

Jake Lang’s Latest POWERFUL Jan 6 Political Prisoner Video – FINALLY THE TRUTH!


Biden Slammed For Lifting Sanctions On Venezuelan Oil

Dem Rep. Jim Clyburn Says He’s Running For House Democrat Leadership Because It’s In The Bible, Or Something

WTF? Dem Sen. Chris Murphy Calls For “Conversation” On Funding Law Enforcement In Pro-2A States

Fauci Refuses To Call China’s Role In Covid A “Cover-Up” Or “Intentional Distortion”

Fauci Blames Trump For China Lying About Origin of Covid

Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: It’s “Well Documented That Words Nowadays Can Actually Break Your Bones”

Michelle Althum(sp): “With everything you’re hearing at the testimony, I know what I’m saying is probably just going to be dropped into bin #3.

“If You Certify Today, The Only Thing You’ll Be Certifying Is Your Corruption” – RAV’s Ben Bergquam to Maricopa Board of Supervisors


Biden Call Into Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Turns Into Cringe TV Moment

Biden: “The Idea We Still Allow Semi-Automatic Weapons To Be Purchased Is Sick”

Biden Advisor: Admin Will Refill Petroleum Reserve At $70/Barrel, Two Years After Blocking Republicans At $24/Barrel

WH Press Sec. Defends Biden’s Student Loan Debt Bailout With A Massive Word Salad

Anonymous Tip Line “Flooded” With Reports of Woke Ideology In Military

WH Press Sec. Snaps At Reporter Asking About Origins of Covid: “I’m Done! I’m Done With You!”


Knock It Off - Get up, Get Back on Your Feet, YOU Are the ONE They Can't Beat, and YOU Know It....

Lol! How about that? Would be a shame if everyone saw this right?

Kamala Harris: Life is "basically a relay race"

“The Votes Are In – There’s no Ballot Stuffing, There’s No ‘Fowl’ Play” – Joe Biden Jokes About Democrat Voter Fraud at White House Turkey Pardon

CBS' @ScottPelley doing journalism:

Steve Bannon: “McCarthy’s Already Committed to MTG That Nancy Pelosi Is Going to Be Deeply Investigated – And Everything Democrats Knew” in Run-Up of Jan 6

Kari Lake just released this on her election as Governor


Man Unloads on Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ‘You Are the Cancer Tearing This Nation Apart’

Gregg Phillips: Catherine Engelbrecht Was Kept in Solitary Confinement for 4 Days

“It is in the Public Interest to Appoint a Special Counsel” – LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: Merrick Garland Announces Jack Smith as Special Counsel Against President Trump 3 Days After Announcing His 2024 Bid for President

Democrat Adam Frisch Concedes to Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – Does Not Want Recount for Some Reason

Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) said Thursday on “CNN This Morning” that he is “very seriously” looking at a presidential run for 2024.

CNN’s Collins to MI Gov. Whitmer: ‘What Is the Argument for You Not Running for President?’

Dem Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee Claims Slavery Reparations Would Have Stopped Covid From Spreading…


Matt Gaetz responds to Marjorie…

Clay Higgins takes no prisoners with Chris Wray… This is outstanding

Wow. Chapelle explains why Trump is so popular with many. I’ve never heard it told this way before.

BREAKING Donald Trump announces he's running in 2024

Mike Lindell Confronted The Fake News Media At President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Announcement

Schumer Calls For Amnesty For Millions of Illegal Aliens Living in US Because “We Have a Population That Is Not Reproducing On Its Own”

Senator Tommy Tuberville on if He Will Support Donald Trump: “100%… He Had this Country Going in the Right Direction”

Patriot Accuses Harris County Commissioners of Election Fraud – “We Sick and Tired of that N*gga… It’s Going to be Us to Take that Negr* Out”



Schumer: I’m Meeting with McConnell to Push for Ditching ‘MAGA Republicans’

The FTX collapse explained in 99 seconds…

Ana Navarro, the hateful, portly co-host just couldn’t help herself and trashed the Trump women.

We Must Delay The Senate Leadership Elections And Why The GA Runoff Is Still Critically Important!

Steve Bannon Delivers Rallying Cry to American Patriots to Save the Republic Following Proposterous Midterms


Reagan's Veterans Day Speech

Lake Kudlow,



former George W. Bush’s speechwriter and Washington Post weekly contributor Marc Thiessen

The White House Wants You to Know That 'Democracy Is Still Under Threat'

Biden Apologizes For Trump Pulling Out of Paris Climate Accord, Speaks Gibberish at Global Climate Conference in Egypt

President Joe Biden celebrated Veterans Day on Friday by falsely praising his Climate Envoy John Kerry as one of the most decorated men to fight for America

Clinton Embellishes Past (CBS News)


GOP Rep. Donalds: Americans Are ‘Pissed Off’ at Democrats

1:47 Former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, now serving as the White House senior adviser for public engagement, said on this week’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that there is “definitely a target towards African-American men” with misinformation.

Flaming Meteor Suspected in House Fire in California

Karoline Leavitt Aims to Be Conservative Voice for Gen Z: Left Has ‘Brainwashed’ My Generation

Biden’s Delusional Comms Director Tells CNN Viewers: “What We’re Seeing is Enormous Popularity for the Biden Agenda”

Whoopie Goldberg Trashes Elon Musk, Announces She is Leaving Twitter


Biden Intro

A CBS reporter just asked me about the latest desperate attack ad accusing ME of causing the death of a Capitol Police Officer.

"I’m in perfect health, my brakes on my car are in good shape, and I’m not suicidal,"

“I Am Going to Kill Him” and “Skin Him Alive” – Young Leftist Arrested After Leaving Threatening Voicemails for GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Sunny Hostin likens white women who vote GOP to ‘roaches voting for Raid’

Paul Pelosi was brutally attacked just like many Americans are every single day in Joe Biden’s America.

Biden celebrated coal plant workers losing their jobs. Attention voters in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado and others: Joe Biden said he’s going to shut down all coal plants.

Political Prisoner Catherine Engelbrecht Delivers Update From Fed Prison

MSNBC Historian Loses His Mind Over the Midterms


Kari Lake: “I Want To Have A Commission To Investigate COVID And How It Was Handled In Arizona” – Suggests Criminal Charges

ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ Star Jenifer Lewis Goes on Unhinged Rant Against Marco Rubio at Florida Rally

Dr. Phil: ‘Hell No’ You Wouldn’t Get on a Plane If John Fetterman Was the Pilot

Watch Hillary Clinton Explain "You Can Have the Election Stolen from You"

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Think People ‘Understand’ What Is at Stake in This Election

McCaskill: GOP Lives in ‘Slimy Little Dark Corner Where All they Want to Do Is Lie’


Booty Call


Herschel Walker's epic CLAPBACK at Obama's attacks is PRICELESS

In 2020, Raphael Warnock's ex-wife said he tried to run her over with his car.

Pollster Frank Luntz warns Midterm results may not be clear on Election Day

NY Dem Gov. Kathy Hochul Says It’s A “Conspiracy” That Violent Crime Is Rising…

Stacey Abrams Smears 107 Sheriffs As Racists For Opposing Her Candidacy

John Solomon on Congressional Republicans sending staffers to observe key races


This is Weird? Pelosi Assailant David Depape Was In His Underwear When Police Arrived – Yanked the Hammer from Paul Pelosi

Ilhan Omar Melt Down At Town Hall When Crowd Called Her A ‘Warmonger’, Now She Warns Anti-war Protesters Are ‘Dangerous Propagandists’

BIDEN: "The most common price of gas in America is $3.39.

Biden Suggests People Should Vote In The Midterms Based On Inflation … It’s At 8.2%

Flashback: Fetterman In 2018, “I Do Not Support” A Fracking “Expansion,” “We Need” More Regulations

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch: “I’m Really Scared About a Bloodbath 10 Days From Now”



Coons: Fetterman Is Like Trump — Voters Don’t Care About Mistakes, They Like Their ‘Attitude and Authenticity’


Biden On Airlines Charging More For Extra Legroom: These Junk Fees Hit Marginalized Americans…Especially People of Color

Watch The Moment Dem Kathy Hochul Lost The NY Governor Debate To Republican Lee Zeldin

Terrance K Williams on Kamela


Karl Rove’s American Crossroads PAC Is Running a New Ad Supportive of Josh Shapiro “Not as Radical as John Fetterman” to Thwart Doug Mastriano Campaign

ast week on an episode of TimCast IRL, Tim Pool sat down with Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, retired Army Colonel and Pennsylvania senator Doug Mastriano.

Joe Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Republicans in Congress Still Preventing Funding We Need to Stay Vigilant Ahead of the NEXT VIRUS

Kari Lake on Possible Super Bowl Boycott: Woke ‘Football Teams Owned by Billionaires’ Will Not Dictate Border Policy

Newt Gingrich: ‘This May Be the Biggest Republican Election Since 1920’

Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis picked Joe O’Dea

Joe Biden Says It’s Wrong for States to Ban Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery For Children

MSNBC tries to push the January 6th scam on a focus group and they are not having their nonsense

“Katie Hobbs thinks there are 47 different genders. Since we’re here at a rodeo, I’ve got a challenge for you. Katie, go out and try to milk a bull and tell me how that goes”


Kathy Barnette Urges Her Supporters to Vote for Mehmet Oz

After the sentencing, unhinged leftists again screamed again at Steve Bannon as he left court. Steve paused to make a statement to the unhinged crowd and

Tucker Carlson: Kari Lake Is Pulling Off The Media's Mask And Letting Them Know They Don't Deserve Any Respect

Biden Invents His Own Language!

Fetterman: Murderers In Prison For Life Are “Like Your Grandfather”

Dr. Richard Levine endorses genital mutilation of children


A very special guest made an appearance at last night’s Kari Lake rally…

Pfizer presentation gone wrong

Ilhan Omar Ripped After Accusing Donald Trump of Antisemitic ‘Dual Loyalty’ Tropes: ‘Is This a Joke?’

'They’re all important. Unlike you, there’s no one thing'

Kari Lake Brings Receipts and Destroys Media Efforts to Construct Election Denial Narrative

Baby Formula Shortage Persists – New Parents Ask Biden “Where Are You? Wake Up!”


Great discussion tonight with Steve Hilton 2 clips

Kari Lake Spars With CNN’s Dana Bash Over 2020 Election Fraud

Peter Strzok: January 6 ‘Far Greater Threat’ to Democracy Than 9/11

John Fetterman Makes No Sense (Again)

Jill Biden Loudly Booed as She Appears on Jumbotron at Eagles Game in Philly

It’s Really Bad – Even State-Run Comedians at Saturday Night Live Make Fun of Sham Jan 6 Committee


Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles Asked About His Blackness by Woke Liberal Reporters – Delivers Humiliating Response

Doug Mastriano BLASTS Josh Shapiro, Rachel Levine for sexualization and medical transitioning of young children

MSNBC’s Lemire: Trump Too ‘Afraid of Liz Cheney’ to Testify Before January 6 Probe

Miles Taylor: Trump Wanted Many Elected Officials to Die on January 6 So He Could Declare Martial Law

Rising star Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) recently urged the fossilized faction of the Republican party to "stop accepting the rhetoric of the left in the media [and] instead, go on offense."

Kamala Harris Dodges Whether There’ll Be A Biden-Harris Ticket In 2024 Election…

William Scott Ritter Jr. 3 clips


Journalists, Leftists Trash NBC’s Dasha Burns for Highlighting John Fetterman’s Mental Handicaps

NBC Reporter Doubles Down: None of the Critics on Fetterman Have Sat in the Same Room with Him

Fetterman Montage

Eric Holder Frets: Fascism Is Coming To America!…

Least Popular President In Modern History Claims “Vast Majority” Like What He’s Done…

Kamala Harris Delivers Another Word Salad…

Romney Won't Support Fellow Utah Republican Mike Lee and Trump Has Some Thoughts



German Consulate Hit in Wave of Russian Strikes Across Ukraine: Reports

VP HARRIS: "Nobody should have to go to jail for smoking weed."

NC Dem Senate Nominee: Rioters Have “Legitimate Pain,” “It’s Not That Simple” To Tell Them Not To Riot..

Trump Roasts Biden With Brutal Gaffe Reel At MAGA Rally

Fetterman: “Thank You So Very Much What We Have Willing To Do For This”

University of Florida Protesters Interrupt Never Trumper Ben Sasse’s Q&A Session



MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: There Is ‘Rot’ in White Women Who Voted for Trump

Konnech Election Software CEO Who Was Arrested Earlier For Ties to China and Labeled “Significant Flight Risk” Caught With Luggage On Way To MI Airport

Idiot Joe Biden in Maryland: “Let Me Start Off with Two Words: Made in America!”

During his one-on-one interview with Tucker Carlson, Kanye explained why he wore White Lives Matter outfit.

Share Tweet Gab Share TelegramTelegram GettrGettr Email RINO Rep. Nancy Mace Sings Biden’s Praises Over Marijuana Pardons

“Did You Or Did You Not Vote To Reject 18,000 More Border Patrol Agents?



US Veteran Working on the Ground in Ukraine: There Is NO EVIDENCE of the Billions in US Dollars Sent to Ukraine – Not Seeing Any Relief

Joe Biden Mocked for Saying He Was 'Raised in the Puerto Rican Community'

Joe Biden in Florida: Hurricane Ian “Ended” the Debate on Climate Change

Project Veritas: Tulsa Principal Begs Staff Not to Record Her at Meeting Addressing “Anarchist” Middle School Teacher Tyler Wrynn

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Wants the News to Ignore America's Crime Crisis

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and pro-freedom activist, joined Bill Maher on 'Real Time


Grocery Store Discounts Becoming Less Frequent as Inflation Soars

Biden Secretary of State Blinken Says Nord Stream Explosions “A Tremendous Opportunity” for Europe to “Remove Dependence on Russian Energy

Jim Jordan Floats Select Committee, Special Subcommittee to Investigate FBI, DOJ Weaponization

Melissa Fleming, UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications

Jim Jordan and Thom Massie


Bundy Ranch

34-Year Democrat Goes Rogue, Abandons Party After Realizing Just How Bad Things Have Gotten


Youngkin Responds to Student Walk Outs Over New Transgender School Policies

Rep. Paul Gosar Tells TGP About The New GOP’s Plan For A REAL J6 Investigation And Securing The Southern Border – “Democrats And Biden Are The Party Of DEATH”

Shortly after posting his offer, Trump shared a video of Biden threatening Nord Stream in February.

Kamala Harris Greets Australian Prime Minister, Word Salad Ensues…

Awesome: Win A Chance To Go Hog Hunting With Notorious MTG…

White House says 'it's not all that unusual' for Biden to forget a congresswoman is dead

Tucker Carlson showed up at funeral of Hells Angels leader


Ron DeSantis Declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Ian Nears Florida: ‘The Impacts Will Be Broad’

Florida National Guard General: We Will Be Activating Unvaccinated Service Members in Response to Hurricane Ian

Michael Moore Predicts Democrat ‘Landslide Against the Traitors’

White House Waffles on ‘Complicated’ Rising Crime Rates and Safety in Major Cities

Rep. Paul Gosar Tells TGP About The New GOP’s Plan For A REAL J6 Investigation And Securing The Southern Border – “Democrats And Biden Are The Party Of DEATH”


Mystal: ‘White MAGA Bigoted Southerners’ Like Herschel Walker Because He’s Stupid

Republican Blake Masters: Biden, Mark Kelly ‘Turned over’ ‘Southern Border to Murderous Drug Cartels’

Rep. @RashidaTlaib asked all major bank CEOs to submit to her ESG agenda and stop funding fossil fuels.

Ad Exposes Democrat Mark Kelly’s Push For Sex Change Surgeries And Chemical Castration on American Children

Massachusetts Energy Companies Announce 64% Increase in Electricity Rates Beginning November 1st

Kamala Harris: ‘Extremist So-Called Leaders’ Are Banning Abortion Post-Roe


Don Lemon Uses Queen Elizabeth II Death to Propose Colonial Slavery Reparations, Gets Schooled on Who Ended Slavery

Citadel Investment Boss Ken Griffin Previously Gave DeSantis $10 Million, Today Says He Would Accept Position as Treasury Secretary

War Hawk Nikki Haley Praises Joe Biden’s UN Speech, But Says She Wishes He Also Called Out Iran

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom Says People Are Fleeing California Because of Trump’s Policies

'It’s Gotten Considerably Worse': Fox News Host Grills State Dept. Spox on Biden's Border Crisis


The ATF Comes After the Wrong Gun Owner, Look What He Does Next

Major Garrett: MAGA GOP ‘Unhappy’ Trump Lost Are Dragging Down American Democracy2 clips

Democrats' Long History Of Denying Election Results

Allegheny County Election Fraud

Heather Boushey, Biden’s Council of Economic Advisors


Karine Jean-Pierre Says Republicans Busing Illegals to Other States is Different Than Biden Doing the Same Thing

Biden Lashes Out At Republican Governors Sending Migrants To Dem Cities

Heartbreaking Testimony of Fired Pediatric Nurse “I Am the Face of Your Misinformation Campaign”

“At Least He Has The Courage To Stand Up Against The Narrative That The Mainstream Media Pushes” – Kari lake Shouts Out The Gateway Pundit During Presser In Support Of Law Enforcement, SLAMS Low Rating Fake News Media

Video Shows Bill Gates Lied to Trump About Dangers of Vaccines and Trashed Robert Kennedy Jr.


Ad Hammers Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman over Emptying Prisons Rhetoric

Tim Ryan: We Need to ‘Kill and Confront’ Extremist Republican Movement

Rand Paul Makes Dr. Fauci a Promise as November Looms

Rail Union Rejects Deal to Prevent Strike Planned For This Friday, September 16th

Geoffrey Berman, former top Manhattan federal prosecutor who was fired by Trump, claims Trump's Justice Department pressured his office to remove any reference to Trump in Michael Cohen's guilty plea.

Could California Gas Car Ban Happen at the Federal Level? Buttigieg Wants It to Happen ‘Quickly’

General Don Bolduc Wins New Hampshire Primary for US Senate Despite $4.1 Million in Attack Ads Linked to Mitch McConnell – Trump Posts Congrats


Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs Won’t Debate Republican Kari Lake for Governor’s Race

Kari Lake RISING… NBC panicking2 clips

Biden in Massachusetts While US is in a Recession: We’ve Gone From “Economic Crisis to Economic Resurgence”

“You Guys are F*cked Up!” – Ex-FDNY Captain Delivers a Powerful and Fiery Speech Against COVID Mandates at NYC Council Meeting

PA Democrat John Fetterman a Total Mess at Abortion Rally, Introduces Himself as “John Fetterwoman”

On 9-11, Kamala Harris Compares the Islamists Behind the Sept. 11 Attacks to the Threat of Trump Supporters


Secretary Yellen Celebrates Treasury Policy Making “Future U.S. Economy Dependent on the Wind and the Sun”

SICK! AZ Superintendent Of Public Instruction Democrat Kathy Hoffman Sued for Directing Minors To Hyper-Sexualized Chat Rooms And Grooming Students

Joe Biden in Ohio While US is in a Recession: “America is Back and America is Leading the Way!”

Reporter Suffering From TDS Asks Sheriff if He Condemns Trump

Kevin McCarthy, GOP Elites and Super PACs Spend $5 Million to Destroy MAGA Candidate Karoline Leavitt in NH Primary – Leavitt Joins Tucker


Dr. Jill Humiliates Joe Biden For Sitting During Standing Ovation at Portrait Unveiling for Obamas: “Honestly, Everybody Stood But Joe”

Bill Barr: DOJ ‘Very Close’ to Having Evidence to Indict Trump

Blake Masters: ‘Hologram Candidate’ Mark Kelly Is Using ‘the Biden Hide-in-the-Basement 2020 Strategy’

Ohio Democrat U.S. Senate hopeful Rep. Tim Ryan said during his failed 2020 presidential run that 2040 is not soon enough to ban gas-powered vehicles.

Democrat Gov. Pritzker Promises ‘Emergency Housing’ for Migrants as Rents Skyrocket for Chicagoans

Chelsea Clinton: Trump ‘Mainlined Hate in Our Country’

2 Days Ago: EU Leader Insists Europe Will Prevail in Their Energy War with Putin… Today EU Leader Calls for Mandatory Reductions of Energy During Peak Hours


Marine Vet Stu Scheller Slams Pentagon Leadership for Lack of Moral Courage

Biden’s Latest Excuse For Skyrocketing Prices: Cars Were Expensive This Past Year Because the US Government Hadn’t Yet Nationalized Computer Chip Industry

Jamie Raskin on CBS: "Two of the hallmarks of a fascist political party are, one, they don't accept the results of elections that don't go their way, and two, they embrace political violence.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Says California’s Ban on Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales is a Model for the Rest of the Country

Hunter Biden’s Attorney Was Partners with Top DOJ Attorney Nicholas McQuaid, an Unhinged Leftist — President Trump Weighs In


Speech Excerpt

Tucker Carlson reacts to Biden's speech

Stephen Miller: “Biden Tonight Gave the Speech of a Dictator, In the Style of a Dictator, In the Visual of a Dictator, Using the Words of a Dictator”

Disgraced Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Says Joe Biden Didn’t Go Far Enough Threatening MAGA Republicans

Trump Tells Megyn Kelly Look-Alike Radio Host He’s Financially Supporting Some Jan 6 Political Prisoners and Will Consider “Full Pardons” If He Runs Again and Is Re-Elected


What would Andrew Breitbart say about Oz

Joe Biden Again Threatens Political Enemies with F-15 Jets

Karine Jean-Pierre Says People Who Voted For Trump Are “an Extreme Threat to Our Democracy, to Our Freedom, to Our Rights”

Crime In Dem-Run Philadelphia So Out-Of-Control, Grave Diggers “Can Hardly Keep Up With Demand”

Rogan Destroys 'Propagandist' Psaki, Compares McEnany to Famous NBA Player: 'Best Ever at That Job'

Biden Awkwardly Interrupts Meeting With Teacher’s Union…


Despite Recession and Record Inflation Biden Energy Secretary Announces: We Are “Pressing on the Accelerator” to Move to Clean Energy

Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Not One Person in the White House Was Briefed on the FBI’s Raid of Mar-a-Lago

Drew Hernandez Attacked, Thrown Out Of Democratic Event After Confronting AZ Dem Nominee Katie Hobbs On Her Racist Past

Florida Democrat Charlie Crist Says Biden Was Being “Honest” When He Labeled Trump Supporters “Semi-Fascists”

What Would Andrew Breitbart Say About Dr. Mehmet Oz?

Is the U.S. Losing Control of Iraq? Protesters Ransack Presidential Palace


The FBI gets the law wrong

My Son Hunter

Who’s in Charge? – “I Took Control. I Shouldn’t Do That. I’m Not Allowed to Do That.”

MSNBC Pundit: “Trump Is as Big a Problem for Republican Candidates as Biden Might Be for Democratic Candidates”

White House Doubles Down On Labeling Trump Voters, GOP As “Fascists”…

PA Dem Senate Candidate Says If He Could Fix One Thing, It’d Be To Let Murderers Out Of Prison…

Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for 7 days based on a general request from the FBI


Fetterman in Pixburgh



Winston Plane







Moon Landing


Beverly Hillbillies


Leadership Of Christian School Warned Parents LGBTQ Students Will Be Asked To Leave, Now They Are Facing Harassment And Death Threats

Steve Bannon Endorses Marjorie Taylor Greene for Speaker of the House at Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit in Springfield, MO

MSNBC: Biden Approval Rating Is A Joke…

FBI Parody

GOP Rep. Andy Barr: Constituents Don’t Care About 2020 Election

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate Candidate John Fetterman Wants to “Legalize Heroin” and Fund “Safe Injection Sites”


Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” network host Tiffany Cross warned that “a civil war is here” amid violent rhetoric regarding the FBI.

“We’re Thinking…This RICO Case Was the Reason They Went In” – MUST SEE – TGP’s Joe Hoft on “Eric Bolling The Balance”

Arizona Gubernatorial Debate May NOT Happen Because Katie Hobbs Is Too Scared

Oliver’s Twist, Policymakers Legislating Against the People – It’s Not About Going Green, It’s About Going Without

Tucker Carlson, Democracy Crushed Liz Cheney and She Can’t Stand It

What Is Going On With Ukraine and its War Strategy

Why President Donald Trump's Twitter typos matter

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Fumes At Tucker Carlson For Having the ‘Nerve to Even Criticize’ Biden Over Afghanistan Withdrawal



EPIC! Steve Bannon’s War Room Plays “The Wicked Witch Is Dead” After Liz Cheney’s Much Deserved Shellacking

Liz Cheney Couldn’t Get 40% Of Her Own Constituents To Vote For Her – But Somehow She Thinks She Can Run For POTUS

Abraham Cheney


MSNBC Calls GOP Behavior “Treasonous”…

Deep Space Thoughts, with Kamala Harris

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate Candidate John Fetterman Can Barely Speak After Coming Out of Stroke-Induced Hiatus

McCabe: Trump Knows He Is Unleashing ‘Aggrieved, Politically Extreme People’ on FBI


Rand Paul: Trump Raid ‘Demoralizing for the Country,’ ‘Takes Away’ Faith in Law Enforcement

Gingrich: Mar-a-Lago Raid ‘Desperation of a National Machine’ on the Edge of Being Defeated, Eliminated

FBI Director Wray Won’t Discuss Raid on Trump’s Florida Residence – But Says He is Concerned About Threats Against Agents


President Trump CPAC Introduction Video

Worse Than Monkeypox, Nikki Haley Says She Will Run in 2024 for President “If There is a Place” For Her,

Here’s an Excellent Example of Why the Elites and the Liberal Mainstream Media Want Alex Jones Gone

Metro Atlanta Gay Couple Arrested for Producing Porn with Adopted Children

Democratic Senator: 'Americans Elected Joe Biden to Have a Steady Hand on the Wheel'

Prominent Jewish liberals scream “anti-Semitism” at Marco Rubio for tweet slamming George Soros’ prosecutors


Mika's Melt Down

Ed Henry: “FOX was Trying to Off Trump on Election Night. I Saw That!”(2 clips)

he declared President Trump as the “greatest threat ever to our republic” and “not a real man.”

In contrast, conservative Trump-endorsee Tim Michels founded Wisconsin’s largest construction company

AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake

The following video shows Russia’s attacks on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Pisky. Can you imagine being subjected to this type of assault day after day?


Thomas Massie DISPELS Covid Vax Myths and Exposes the Comirnaty Hoax for All of Congress to Hear

Kamala Harris Rambles About Voters “Putting In An Order,” Spending Hours Figuring Out Voting By Mail…


CNN Travels to Foreign Land of Wyoming to Ask Voters if They Support Wicked Liz Cheney – Stunned by Replies

Is Nancy OK?! Watch Pelosi breakdown on-camera trying to form a sentence

Kamala: "While we send our prayers, and our love

Bidenomics: Inflation in US So High Today that NYC Stores Now Put SPAM Under Lock and Key

Sad but Predictable: RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel Predicts GOP Will Only Gain 4 House Seats in Midterms



Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake EXPOSES Pence-Endorsed Candidate Karrin Robson For Possibly Unreported Campaign Flights On Her Husband’s Private Jet

“Were Not Going To Let This Go” – TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk “Still Entertaining” Lawsuit Against ABC’s ‘The View’

“He’s Not The Same Anymore” – Mom Sues LAUSD after Officials at Barack Obama Academy Allegedly Bribed Her Son Into Taking the Experimental Vaccine

“Do You Guys Call Joe Biden ‘The Big Guy’ at the Department of Justice?”(clip)


Is It 'Stigmatizing' to Convey Accurate Information About Monkeypox?


Fed Up Speech

Video: Brick Bounces Off Glass, Smacks Would-Be Burglar in Head


Liz Cheney: I’ll Make Decision on Running For President in 2024 ‘Down the Road’

Watch Matt Gaetz Fire Up Crowd By Saying “Mike Pence Will NEVER Be President”

Kinzinger: DOJ Not Prosecuting Trump Sets ‘Far Worse Precedent than Anything Else’

Steve Bannon, “Bennie Thompson, Nancy Pelosi, DOJ, I Don’t Care, They Can Suck on it”

Liberal World Order: Biden Econ Advisor Says US Not Technically in a Recession Despite Back-to-Back Quarters of Negative Growth

President Trump Promises to Rehire Military Fired by Joe Biden for Refusing Experimental Vaccine – With Backpay


Dana Carvey Mocks Joe Biden On ABC…

BREAKING UPDATE: Verdict Reached in Steve Bannon’s Criminal Contempt of Congress Trial: GUILTY ON BOTH COUNTS

Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz Delivers EPIC Defense Of The Second Amendment

Los Angeles Preparing To Mandate Masks Again, Business Leaders Call It “Ridiculous”

Jill Biden Says “Thank You!” as Man Tells Her “Your Husband’s the Worst President We’ve Ever Had!… You Owe Us Gas Money!”

Residents In Portland Finally Fed Up With Drug Addicts In Their City…

Biden Energy Secretary Granholm: The Clean Energy Transition “Can’t Progress Fast Enough”…

A century-old former episcopal church in Wantagh has turned into an Islamic Center


Russia claim Hunter Biden & George Soros are linked to the Ukrainian bio-labs.


Report – Chicago Cops Forced to Stop Pursuing Vehicle Carrying Murder Suspects: ‘This Department’s a Joke’

Watch: This Cori Bush Activist Thinks Being a Jew Is a ‘Crime Worthy of the Rope’

White House National Economic Council director Brian Deese on Monday touted the state of the U.S. economy compared to the rest of the world

LEAKED AUDIO: Biden Threatened Ex-Ukraine Poroshenko With Assassination!

MASSIVE PROTESTS in Panama Over Skyrocketing Inflation, Demonstrators Block Roads

SICK: Biden’s Transgender Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Levine Says We Need to “Empower” Children to go On Puberty Blockers

John Kerry Says It’s Time to Go Into Overdrive and “Accelerate” the Transition to Green Energy


Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos: An Election Do-Over Is Necessary of Overwhelming Fraud Proven in Court

Joe Biden Gets Lost After Struggling Through Speech in Jerusalem

more than one million doses of COVID-19,

“It’s Not Helpful” – RINOs and Democrat Warmongers Fret as Ukrainian-Born Lawmaker Bashes Zelenskyy and His Corrupt Cronies

Pelosi *Accidentally* Trashes Democrat Governors For Their Lockdowns, Reveals What Dems Have in Store Next


AOC Fawns over Radical Professor Who Told Sen. Hawley Men Can Become Pregnant


Karmella on Guns

David Hogg ‘Concerned’ Mass Shooters Want ‘White and Male-Dominated White Ethnic State’

Woke Churches Label Pro-Life Movement a ‘Demonic Agenda’ and Claim ‘God Is Pro-Choice’

Cringe: Jill Biden Says Hispanic Community is as “Unique” as Tacos

Abortion On The High Seas, Watch Doctor Propose Floating Baby-Killing Clinic To Bypass State Laws

Retaliation? — Gates-Funded “Picnic” Grocery Service in Netherlands Caught Massive Fire Overnight


CBS ‘Mornings’ Remembers ‘Polarizing Figure’ Shinzo Abe After Death — ‘He Was a Right-Wing Nationalist’

TGP’s Conradson Discusses Maricopa County GOP’s UNANIMOUS Rejection Of The 2020 Election On Bannon’s War Room: “Everybody In The Country Needs to — Do the Same Thing.”

MSNBC’s O’Donnell: Electoral College the ‘Most Grotesque Institution Ever Imposed’ on Democracy

Dem Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “We Need To Put A Stop” To Crisis Pregnancy Centers “Right Now”…

“Repeat the Line” – Joe Biden Accidentally Reads Teleprompter Instructions Out Loud During Remarks on Abortion

WH Doubles Down On Blaming Retailers For High Gas Prices…


Kamala Harris Says She’s Working To Bring Down “Basically The Cost Of What Life Requires For People”

Dutch Police Open Fire on 16-Year-Old Farm Boy as Mass Protests Shut Down Globalist Reset Plans(2 clips)

Kamala Harris at Scene of Highland Park Shooting: “We Have to Take This Stuff Seriously, as Seriously as You are Because you Have Been Forced to Take This Seriously”

WH Press Sec. Has No Idea Oil From U.S. Reserves Are Being Sent To China…


Sunday Talks, John Kirby Defends White House Energy and Economic Policy

New Videos Capture Sounds of Gun Bursts in Sniper Attack on Highland Park, Illinois Fourth of July Parade

Doctor at Scene of Highland Park Fourth of July Parade Mass Shooting Describes ‘Horrific’ ‘Wartime’ Injuries of Dead and Survivors


During NATO Press Conference Joe Biden Blames Russia for Upcoming Global Food Shortage

White House Economic Council Chair Says Biden 85% Disapproval Irrelevant When Making Economic Transition to New and Permanent U.S. Energy Program

Liberal World Order

WH Climate Adviser McCarthy: We’ll ‘Transition to Clean Energy, Regardless’ of SCOTUS — ‘Move Forward’ Even If They Want to ‘Hold Us Back’

Joe Biden Claims Americans Must Pay More at the Pump Until Russian War Ends – Elevated Prices Will Continue For “As Long As It Takes”

AOC: “Our Constitutional Duty” To “Reign” In And Impeach Supreme Court Justices…


Mika Brzezinski Dog Whistles Antifa Terrorists and Supreme Court Assassins

CNN’s Wallace Praises Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony — ‘She Was Just Brilliant’

FNC’s Bret Baier: Hutchinson’s ‘Stunning’ Testimony Moved the Ball

“I’m Old Enough to Remember Who Called that Election for Joe Biden in Arizona”

32-Year-Old Comedian Nick Nemeroff Suddenly Dies in His Sleep — Posted Earlier About Suffering Side Effects of COVID Vaccine

DEMONS IN OUR MIDST: Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy CHEERS the News that “Fossil Fuels Are Losing Jobs” As Gas Floats near $5 a Gallon

Biden Climate Envoy John Kerry Amid Supply Chain Crisis: “We Need to Spur the Transition to Green Shipping”


Ralph Northam If you want an example of saying the quiet part out loud, this (from 2019)


S.E. Cupp on Dobbs Decision: ‘Hard to Imagine the Republican Party Surviving This’

Actress Janelle Monae Screams ‘F**k You, Supreme Court’ at BET Awards

Project Veritas

Mika Brzezinski Dog Whistles Antifa Terrorists and Supreme Court Assassins in Morning Joe Meltdown, Repeatedly Calls Republicans “Fascists”, Says Trump GOP and Justices a “Danger…to American Freedom”


WATCH what happens when @CNN ambushes @KariLake outside of an event

Kamala Harris Delivers Word Salad on Abortion After SCOTUS Ruling(2 clips)

Brahm Resnik @brahmresnik AND THEN… Senate immediately bails out because of ‘security situation.’ Area outside Senate filled with people protesting Roe decision. They appear to have entered building.

Hulu’s Life & Beth star Michael Rapaport reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday

Dem Rep. Speier: ‘I Don’t Have Any Evidence’ But I Think SCOTUS ‘Tipped Off’ Pro-Life Protestors about Dobbs Ruling

“there is a war out there, and we need to recognize that we’ve got to armor up.”

Antifa has now shown up outside the Supreme Court.(2 clips)


Axed Judge Speaks Out on DOJ Effort to Pack Immigration Courts with Amnesty Judges

Karine Jean-Pierre Falls Apart When Asked to Explain Why Biden Proposed a Gimmicky Gas Tax Holiday

MSNBC Guest to Americans Struggling Because of Bidenflation: Stop Complaining… I’m Gonna Need You to Calm Down and Back Off

Biden Celebrates His Green Policies that Will “Take Millions of Cars Off the Road”

‘No, Inflation Was High Before the War in Ukraine Broke Out’ – Fed Chair Powell Fact Checks Biden’s Lies About Inflation in America


VP Kamala Harris: ‘Nothing’ About Abortion Requires Abandoning, Changing ‘Faith’

Kennedy: Americans ‘Trust the Media Now Like They Trust Gas Station Sushi’

MSNBC Compares Voter ID Laws To Strangling a Baby…

CNN: Hispanics Are Fleeing The Democratic Party, “Big Erosions Happening”…

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: “Oh, For Sure” Biden Is “Really Focused” On Inflation…

Order your RINO Hunting Permit today!

NBC Panel Compares Biden To Jimmy Carter…


Elite Special Forces Motivation | A Better World | 2021

Tucker Carlson Interviews American Rancher about Extreme Kansas Heat Causing Cattle Loss

Must-see TV: New TV ad holds Schumer accountable for his threat to Justice Kavanaugh

White House Press Secretary Is Grilled Over ‘Blacklist’ That Restricts Which Media Outlets Are Invited To Special Press Events

CNN Analyst Tells Don Lemon “Don, You’re Wrong” About Potential Trump Conspiracy Charge

Senator Paul Confronts Dr. Fauci About Big Pharma Giving Millions in Kickbacks to Covid Vaccine Regulators

How much longer can media hide this man’s senility? Biden, needs to retire ASAP


EXCLUSIVE: From His Prison Cell Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Tells REAL STORY behind Meeting with Enrique Tarrio in DC Garage — JAN 6

AG Garland’s Ominous Warning to Trump: I’m Watching the Jan. 6 Hearings… and I Can Assure You Jan. 6 Prosecutors are Watching as Well

January 6 Show Trials: Liz Cheney Plays Recording of Trump Advisor Claiming Rudy Giuliani Was Drunk on Election Night

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday couldn’t defend Joe Biden’s abysmal economy.

Biden White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was utterly unprepared to give an update when a reporter asked her at Monday’s briefing about the administration’s effort to fix the months-long nationwide infant formula shortage.


“I Dare Merrick Garland, to Take that Crap There from Last Night, and Try to Indict Donald J. Trump!” – Steve Bannon ON FIRE Following Liz Cheney’s Failed Primetime Show Trial 2 clips

Things are so bad that the Regime’s most loyal lapdog Jim Cramer is calling out Joe Biden’s lies and anti-energy agenda.

Biden Jokes About Sending His Political Opponents To Jail…

Barack Obama spoke on Friday at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit

Ivanka Betrays Dad In Interview — Says No Theft Occurred…

Report: $6 Gas Nationwide By The End Of The Summer…

AOC Brags About Stopping Bill To Protect Supreme Court Justices And Their Families…


Remarkable Admission, Pete Buttigieg Announces Biden Inflation Plan is to Create Increased Dependency State and Apply Socialist Economics, Biden Led Govt to Provide Medicine, Childcare, Housing and Food 2 clips

Senior Biden advisor Gene Sperling is so out-of-touch that he told CNN’s potato Brian Stelter that he has no idea what high gas prices feel like.


“This is another example of the Civil War amongst the Republican Party.”

It’s not adding up!

Matt Gaetz: How long til they try to take Josh Hawley’s guns?

MSNBC’s McCaskill: We Should Have Photos of Mass Shooting Victims on Public Display to Stop Future Shootings

Democrat Rep. David Cicilline on Gun Control Debate: “Spare me the bull***t about Constitutional rights

Democrats cynically said if they can’t disarm law-abiding citizens, we’re not willing to do anything to secure schools.

Kari Lake: Fed Dollars Withheld from Public Schools if Student Grooming Guidelines Not Implemented


Beto Crashes Gov. Abbott’s Conference on Texas School Shooting

“A Low IQ Wine Mom… Like a Dyslexic Poet”: Tucker BLASTS Kamala Harris For Speaking Gibberish Yet Again

Biden FDA Commissioner: “I Can’t Say Exactly How Many Weeks” Parents Won’t Have Formula…

Tensions “Mounting” In Biden White House With Growing Cascade Of Crises…

Biden Advisor Doesn’t Rule Out Electricity Blackouts Across America This Summer…


Brzezinski: White House Touting Delivery of 78,000 Pounds of Baby Formula ‘Not Something to Brag About’ — ‘Not Enough’

“It’s Not Your Job, Dude” – Whoopi Goldberg Says Archbishop Is Not Allowed to Bar Pelosi From Communion Due to Her Support of Abortion

More Deep Thoughts from Kamala Harris

Zelensky speaks to Davos- Sounds like Ukraine is for sale

Joe Biden Admits It’s ALL On Purpose: “When It Comes to Gas Prices, We’re Going Through INCREDIBLE TRANSITION


Col Douglas Macgregor Delivers an Update on Ukraine from a Perspective Western Media Cannot Dare Advance

~ The Great Pretense of Biden ~

The Reason for High Gasoline Prices, Showcased in 54 Painful Seconds May 19, 2022 | Sundance | 95 Comments Make identity politics the primary qualifier for cabinet positions, and this is what you get. WATCH (54 seconds): For those who don’t know, the interior department is in control of domestic oil and gas resource development.

Democrat Senator Jon Tester, Montana, Warns of Major Food Price Increases Later This Year

The bill passed 222 to 203 with useful idiot Adam Kinzinger making the rounds attacking Republicans after the bill passed.


“The Disinformation Board is Being Shut Down Because of Disinformation?”

Doocy Grills Jean-Pierre on Leaked Memo Showing DHS Preparing For Political Violence

Trump Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake “Flabbergasted” By Conservative Media’s Silence On 2000 Mules

MSNBC: Time To Start Putting Fox News Personalities In Jail…

Biden Climate Advisor Kerry: “We’re Only Gonna Have Electric Vehicles…By 2035”


Biden’s FDA Chief Dr. Robert Califf on Monday said there is no baby formula shortage, it’s just a distribution problem.

Dr. Fauci Laughs with CNN’s Jim Acosta – Says He’d Probably Resign Rather than Work in Another Trump Administration

Pro-Abortion Protester to Pro-Lifer: ‘I Don’t Love Abortion, I Just F**king Hate You

NY Gov. Hochul: We Need National Laws to Deal with Guns, Social Media

Peter Doocy Grills White House Spox: How Come Biden is Visiting Buffalo, But He Couldn’t Visit Waukesha?


My Body

Biden Randomly Starts Screaming About Food Shortages… Currently Happening Under His Administration, Rips Into “MAGA Crowd”

Brian Kilmeade went on with Larry Kudlow on FOX Business Network on Wednesday to discuss Senator Rick Scott and Joe Biden’s attack on “Ultra MAGA Republicans”.

Biden Spox Karine Jean-Pierre Laughs When Asked Who’s “Running Point” on Baby Formula Shortage2 clips

“It’s One of the Reasons Why We’re Called the Ugly Americans” – Joe Biden on American Resilience

Bombshell Audio Reveals Lindsey Graham Claiming Nation Will Unify Around Biden After Jan. 6, Saying He’s ‘Maybe the Best Person to Have, Right?’


Mehmet Oz Booed at Trump Rally in Pennsylvania

POW! GOP Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Calls Dr. Oz, McCormick ‘Globalist’ Over WEF Ties

ABC’s Hostin Defends Protests at SCOTUS Justice Homes: I’m ‘Shocked’ They Want Privacy

Pro-abortion Protesters Demand ‘Abolish the Court!’2 clips

During a Monday appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. James Comer (R-KY) warned that Hunter Biden and his foreign business dealings made him a “national security risk.”

Heidi St. John, a Republican running for congress against Trump-endorsed candidate Joe Kent in Washington, recently blasted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and refused to endorse her

“I Believe You’ll Go to Prison” – Steve Bannon Destroys Mark Esper’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview and Admission that He Was Involved in Plotting Against the President – Also Known as a Coup


They’re Going to Get Us All Killed: Biden Regime Helped Ukraine Sink Russian Ship the Moskva – Then Leaked it to Warmongers in Liberal Media

CNN: Capitol Police ‘Warning the Far Right Is Calling for Violence’ after Supreme Court Leak

Leftist Tantrum After Failing to Shut Down Pro-Lifers Outside U.S. Supreme Court

Jen Psaki Refuses to Condemn Protests Outside of SCOTUS Justices’ Private Homes

Let me tell you about this Ultra-MAGA Agenda.

2:23 On Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

Explosive Project Veritas Report Accuses Biden of Resettling ‘Terrorism Watch List’ Afghans in U.S.


Alejandro Mayorkas ‘Was Not Aware’ of Disinformation Chief’s TikTok Videos Before Appointment (3 clips)

Joy Behar: Floats ‘Sex Strike’ — This Is ‘War’ on Women, Gays, People of Color

Manchin: ‘Inflation Is the Number One Driving Factor’ for Voters, Not Abortion, ‘It’s Hurting Everybody’

Manchin: ‘Inflation Is the Number One Driving Factor’ for Voters, Not Abortion, ‘It’s Hurting Everybody’

Mehmet Oz Performed Surgeries at Chinese Military Hospital in 90s

Mystal: Founding Fathers Were ‘Racist, Misogynist Jerkfaces’ Who Didn’t Believe Women Had Rights


Biden Bizarrely Claims “There’s Never Been” A Senator From Delaware…

Governor Ron DeSantis Responds to Fake News Reports that He Attended the White House Correspondents Dinner

Joe Biden Slams Americans at Eid Al-Fitr Celebration: ‘Muslims Make Our Nation Stronger Every Single Day, Even as They Still Face Real Threats in Our Society’

The 2022 Election, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About DC Republicans in 30 Seconds

CNN: “We Are Headed to Hell” If Congress Doesn’t Regulate Musk….


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Jim Acosta to His Face, ‘You Know Why People Don’t Like You? Because You’re a Liar’

Psaki on DHS "Ministry of Truth" director:

Before her new job at the Department of Homeland Security, President Joe Biden’s new disinformation chief Nina Jankowicz displayed her musical talent on YouTube.

Steven Elliot, a Marine veteran and business owner


Department of Homeland Security Sets Up ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ to Fight ‘Misinformation’

Air Force Sec. Frank Kendall Admits U.S. Behind China in Hypersonics After SecDef Disputed It with Matt Gaetz(2 clips)

Kennedy: I’ve Seen ‘Spending Porn’ on Groups Like ‘Hookers for Jesus,’ ‘Sex Education for Ethiopian Prostitutes’

Homeowners should shoot burglars to ‘save taxpayer’s money,’

Ana Navarro: FNC’s Tucker Carlson Has ‘Brown Envy’

Psaki Contradicts Fauci, Says “Covid Isn’t Over, and the Pandemic Isn’t Over”


Rep. Mary Miller: Transgender Activist Agenda Is ‘Rebellion Against God’

McCaul Defends McCarthy on Trump Comments — ‘Absolutely’ Can Lead House GOP, ‘In Very Good Shape’

Republican Senate Campaign Group Slams Democrat Mark Kelly in Both English and Spanish TV Ads

WaPo’s Lorenz on ‘Libs of TikTok’ Exposé: ‘For All We Knew, This Could Have Been a Foreign Actor’

Homeowners should shoot burglars to ‘save taxpayer’s money,’

‘I Tried to Talk to Him Last Night, We Spoke with His Staff’ – French President Emmanuel Macron Snubs Biden After Election Win


PA Gov. Cand. Barletta: Bringing integrity back to our elections has to be number one priority

Radicals Celebrate Earth Day: ‘Maybe Humans Are the Disease’

Kevin McCarthy Tells Liz Cheney He Will Recommend Trump Resign

Fauci: I Had to Publicly Correct Trump’s COVID Misinformation to Maintain My Integrity

Col Douglas Macgregor Delivers Truth Bombs Surrounding Ukraine Conflict and Status of $4.7 Billion Spent Sending U.S. Equipment and Aid

Schumer Compares Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation to Jesus Christ’s Resurrection: ‘The Stone Has Been Rolled Away From The Tomb’


Here’s Some More Fun Gibberish From Vice President Idiot

Psaki: Biden Appealing Decision On Masks Is To Preserve CDC Power, Not Reinstate Masks

Trudeau gets a warm welcome in Halifax

Trump-Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake On Securing Southern Border: “As Governor I Will Not Take Any Orders From Joe Biden He’s Illegitimate. That Election Was a Sham”


Col Douglas Macgregor Discusses Current Status of Conflict in Ukraine

Sunday Talks, CBS Outlines Causes of Massive Inflation, Identifies Everything Except Biden Policy

“No way, Jose,” the Alabama governor declared in the ad.

Ohio Republican U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance, whom former President Donald Trump endorsed Friday, released an ad highlighting the endorsement.

PA Gubernatorial Candidate Lou Barletta Launches TV Ad Highlighting His Record

Parent Dressed as Easter Bunny Hands Out Condoms at Austin Elementary School

Dirtbag RINO Fred Upton Goes on Meet the Press and Says Republican Party Is in “Troubled Waters” Because of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert

North Side Airbnb Shooting Scanner Audio


What Fauci Said – and Didn't Say – About China's Handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus Is Chilling

In His Own Words, Elon Musk Explains Why He Tendered an Offer to Purchase Twitter

Biden SNAPS At Woman For Interrupting Him: “Let Me Talk For A Second”

Biden Makes Bizarre Claim That “We Cut Down All Our Forests”…

Pennsylvania Democrat: Abortion Without Any Limit Is “Sacred”…

Ron DeSantis Blasts Segments of Far-Left for Advocating Late-Term Abortion: ‘That Is Infanticide’


Consumers’ Research Targets American Express, Levi’s in Latest Attack Against ‘Woke’ Capital 2 clips

Going against the trend of corporate wokeism, luxury timepiece brand Egard Watches is sponsoring a campaign celebrating women

Mitch McConnell Warns GOP Voters About Supporting Unacceptable Candidates


MARINES AGAINST VACCINES: US Marines Speak Out About Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Which Are Forced Upon Our Good Soldiers

Biden is toast

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Shares the Greatest Campaign Ad of the Season and the Far-Left Goes Crazy

PolitiCrossing founder Chris Widener shares the one question that conservatives must stop asking!

According to Mike Gibbons, a former investment banker running for Ohio’s open Senate seat, the answer is that the middle class needs to foot a larger chunk of the bill. He said as much when speaking to the Heartland Signal, saying:

Allan Greenspan’s geriatric wife wonders aloud: “Why can’t we take out that eight mile convoy?”


Thursday, during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight,”

Pete Buttigieg Says Prohibiting Classroom Instruction of Sex and Gender Identity in Kindergarten Classes Will “Kill Kids”

Twelve top staffers have abandoned the S.S. Harris. Does she have anyone left? Don’t bet on the big three—ABC, CBS, and NBC—letting you know about it anytime soon.

Lord have mercy. This Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy summit at the University of Chicago’s Institute for Politics has unearthed some gold regarding the liberal media news complex and how they’re a massive problem…to the very theme of the conference. The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum pretty much exposed why the media is so distrusted when she admitted why she buried the Hunter Biden story.

Joe Biden Starts Mumbling Incoherently About Foothills of Himalayas During Celebration of Pedo Defender Ketanji Jackson in White House Lawn


Joe Biden Escalates War Rhetoric with Russia in Speech to Union Workers: ‘If I’ve Gotta Go to War, I’m Going With You Guys’

DNC Chair Harrison: Tom Cotton ‘the Lowest of the Low,’ ‘Little Maggot-Infested Man’

Blinken: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Is a Terrorist Group, Won’t Get into Details of if They Still Will Be Under Iran Deal

Dem Rep. Schakowsky Blames High Gas Prices on Oil Company Price Gouging

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces He Will Use Charter Buses to Send Illegal Immigrants to Washington D.C


Joe Biden Struggles with Anger Issues Especially When Questioned About Family Corruption 4 clips

MSNBC’s Velshi Urges ‘Direct Military Involvement’ from NATO to Stop Russia

Ben Bergquam: Word Is Out Around the World US Border Is Open – It’s a Spiritual Battle and the Left is Destroying this Country


Johnny Van Zant, lead vocalist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and his brother Donnie Van Zant created a song to celebrate freedom and Florida

Granholm: We Have to ‘Use’ War to Move to Clean Energy, Before War, Many of Us Hoped We’d Focus ‘Solely on Clean Energy’

Unified Message From White House and Democrats – Save the Planet, Crush the Middle Class, Eliminate Use of Oil for Energy

GOP Sen. Cramer Calls Out NBC’s Chuck Todd for Media’s Hunter Biden Double Standard

Jan 6 Defendant Who “Never had a parking ticket” Committed Suicide While Awaiting Trial…Aunt Tells Tucker Carlson: “He pleaded guilty because stress had worn him down”

White House Stands by False Joe Biden Debate Claim that Hunter Did Not Make Money from China


Florida Kindergarten Teacher Upset He Can’t Talk To His Class About His Boyfriend…

Disney executive who is the mother of a transgender and a pansexual child

Steve Bannon DESTROYS Bill Barr: “We Don’t Care About Your Opinions – You’re a Stone-Cold Liar and We Got You on Two Massive Lies”

CNN Admits “Hunter Biden Was Trading on His Father’s Name to Make a Lot of Money”

DEFINITIVE PROOF: Attorneys Reveal Karl Rove Conspired with Sheena Greitens To Contrive FALSE ACCUSATIONS Against Eric Greitens

20 Minutes of Lying Hacks Telling the American Public the Hunter Biden Laptop Is Russian Disinformation — NEVER Trust the Fake News Media!


Kamala Harris Delivers Another Word Salad When Asked About Soaring Gas Prices

DeSantis Signs Parental Rights in Education (Erroneously Branded ‘Don’t Say Gay’) Bill — Bashes Hollywood

Biden Claims He Never Called For Regime Change In Russia, But Here’s The Receipts…

Biden’s Ambassador To NATO: “We All Feel Great” About Biden’s Disastrous Gaffe-Filled Foreign Trip…

Kamala Harris Has No Answer When Asked How She Would “Encourage Our Nation


Joe Biden Tells US Servicemen in Poland, “Don’t Jump!” – Calls Declaration of Independence “Corny”

Joe Biden Just Implied the 82nd Airborne Is Going Into Ukraine – “You are going to see when you are there”

Steve Bannon ERUPTS, Tells Hispanic Voters: “These Demon Democrats, They’re Out to Destroy You and Your Family!”

CNN: Biden’s record border crisis is “record breaking” and a “staggering.”

Biden Says the Gas Crisis is an “Opportunity” to “Double Down on Our Own Clean Energy Goals”


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Proclamation Recognizing NCAA Women’s Swimmer


GOP Rep. Gallagher: ‘We Are Continually Behind the Curve Because We Are Afraid of Provoking Putin’

Kamala Harris Delivers Another Word Salad, Repeatedly Brings Up “The Significance of the Passage Time”

Champagne Socialist and Idiot AOC Is Mocked Online After Ranting About Capitalism

Kid Rock: ‘I Am Uncancelable’ ‘Because I Don’t Give A F*ck’ — Crowd Roars as Tucker Carlson Is Given Shout Out at Concert

The Battle in Mariupol Is Intense and Filled With Western Propaganda – Russian Military Fighting Ukrainian Azov Battalions and Ultranationalists in Eastern Region


CBS News Reporter Falsely Told Donald Trump Hunter’s Laptop ‘Can’t Be Verified

AOC Claims ‘Ruthless’ Oil Industry Correlates with ‘Abductions and Murders of Indigenous Women’

170,000 Illegals Amass on US Southern Border Ready to STORM ACROSS

Virginia Tech swimmer competing in this year’s NCAA championship details how her teammate was brought to tears after her place in the finals was taken by Lia Thomas

— the arena turned to a Hoosiers cheerleader to save the day. (

RINO Rep. Crenshaw Labels Courageous FOX News Reporter a Putin Apologist After She Pushes Back on His War Cries


NY Governor Kathy Hochul Invited to NY Rangers Game – Gets Booed Off the Ice

Judge V Geraldo


Graham to Biden: ‘Go After Anybody and Everybody Who Tries to Prop Up the War Criminal Putin’

Donald Trump: We Must Make ‘Every Executive Branch Employee Fireable’ by POTUS

Cotton: Failed Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Closely Related’ to Russia’s War on Ukraine

Lindsey Graham: ‘I Smell a Sellout Coming When it Comes to Ukraine’

Heitkamp: Trump Administration ‘Overspent and Drove Up Inflation’


Chasten Buttigieg Leads Kids in Pledge to Rainbow Flag — ‘To the Gay Agenda, for Which It Stands’

ABC’s Jon Karl: FNC’s Tucker Carlson ‘Echoing’ Putin’s Propaganda

McFaul: Fox News Should ‘Think About’ Why They Are ‘Supporting Putin’s War Effort’

“I’m Sick of This Stuff! Americans Think the Reason For Inflation is Government Spending More Money, Simply Not True!”

Master Trooper Toni Schuck

“They Don’t Want to Pump More Oil” – Joe Biden Blames Oil Company Executives For Soaring Gas Prices

“All You Have to Do is Look at the Map” – Kamala Harris Talks About the Black Sea and Romania When Asked About Record Gas Prices


Toomey: We Need Secondary Sanctions on Russian Banks So China Doesn’t Undercut Sanctions

This comes after State Department official Victoria Nuland admitted in her testimony on Tuesday that the US has biolabs in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the official spokesman for the China Communist Government confronted the United States on its 336 biological labs in 30 countries around the world. According to China, there are 26 US biological labs in Ukraine alone.

CNN Says Americans Are OK Paying Higher Gas Prices if it Means Holding Putin Accountable

Steve Bannon SLAMS Marco Rubio: Who Gave You the Questions for Victoria Nuland on the Ukraine Biolabs? CIA or Military?


Zelensky: ‘We Are Not Prepared for Ultimatums’ from Kremlin

Frequently Fact-Checked Trump Advisor Calls Zelenskyy A 'Puppet'

Fiona Hill Blames Trump for Putin’s Ukraine Invasion — Political Divisions Were ‘a Sign of Weakness’

Flashback: Trump Warns Gas will Be $7+ if Biden Elected


“We Have Become So Boring as a City” – NYC Mayor Eric Adams Announces Citywide Vaccine Mandate For Businesses will be Lifted

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday the alliance of Western nations will not fight for Ukraine. NATO will not send in ground troops and will not close the Ukrainian air space 


“That’s Really Stupid and Dangerous to Say That – Just a Stupid Comment” – Laura Ingraham Rips Warmonger Lindsey Graham After He Calls for Putin’s Assassination

Leaked Tape in 2014 Showed State Department’s Victoria Nuland Saying “F*** the EU” then Plotting Ukraine Coup Using Biden’s Help

Sharpton: America’s ‘Voting Emergency’ Is a Threat to Democracy Like Ukraine Invasion

Good News, Casey DeSantis Now Considered ‘Cancer Free’


GO GET EM! Highlight Reel of Joe Biden’s Gaffes, Confusion, and Complete Nonsense

“There Was a Strange Moment at the End” – Andrea Mitchell Can’t Figure Out Why Biden Ended SOTU Address with “Go Get ‘Em!”

State Department: Biden “Has Not Forgotten” Americans Abandoned In Afghanistan Despite 182 Still Being There

“You Don’t Have to Wear Those Masks, Please Take Them Off” – DeSantis Tells USF Students to Take off Their Masks

Fed Chief Powell Says It’s Possible to Have More than One Reserve Currency in the World – Diminishing the US’s Dominance in the World

Forget Biden’s SOTU addy….This clip of Biden is WAY BETTER!


Col. Douglas Macgregor on Putin’s next steps in the Ukraine invasion

Fox News National Security Reporter Jennifer Griffin Ripped Ex-Trump Advisor Douglas Macgregor To Shreds For Spewing Putin Propaganda On The Network

NBC Hack Andrea Mitchell Says ‘We’re Not Democrats, We’re Journalists’

Psaki Compares State Of The Country To “Shortly After 9/11” And The 2009 Financial Crisis

Percentage Of Voters Saying They Will Vote Republican Is The Highest Since 2010


Joe Biden Holds a Press Conference Declaring “No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening”

Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, Daleep Singh, was presented at the podium today to explain the strategic policy of the Biden administration toward Russia.

CNN Accidentally Learns Importance of Second Amendment in Live Interview on Ukraine

Hillary Clinton Lashes Out at Trump, Tucker Carlson and Republicans as Putin Invades Ukraine Under Biden’s Watch

PA’s David McCormick on Ukraine: United States Should Not Send American Troops


Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals Who In the Media He's Going to Sue for Lying About Him

“Biden’s Jihad Against Fossil Fuels is Financing Vladimir Putin’s Military Adventures” – Larry Kudlow on FOX Business

Canadian MP: ‘Honk Honk’ Is ‘Acronym for Heil Hitler’

BREAKING: In a Shocking Reversal, Trudeau Revokes His Use of the Emergencies Act

BOOM, Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces – Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum To Lead the Digital ID Creation


Justin Trudeau Expresses ‘Admiration’ for China in Resurfaced

Hours Before Parliamentary Vote, Tyrant Trudeau Demands Emergencies Act Remains in Place – Claims Any MP Who Votes Against Him is Against “Democracy”

Jake Sullivan: Russia Could Invade Ukraine ‘in the Coming Hours or Days’

INCREDIBLE! Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake DESTROYS Fake News Media – Kari’s First Political Ad Will Expose the BS on Arizona Stations During Their News Programs

School Board Calls in Police After Parent Confronts School Board Member with Photos of Members Without Masks


NYC Crime Surge Continues, Dem Mayor Says He’s Defunding The Police…

Jen Psaki Again Insists Ukraine Should Not Be Invaded by Unwanted Foreigners — Forgets About US Southern Border

Father Blasts CRT and Tells School Board Parents Are ‘Most Powerful Group in Our Country’

Biden Says He is “Convinced” Putin Has Made the Decision to Invade Ukraine

Hugh Hewitt: ‘The Media Has Made Too Much’ of Durham’s New Filing


On Wednesday Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) joined Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria on FOX Business Network. During their discussion the topic turned to the recent Russia-Ukraine hysteria by the Biden regime.

Virginia Governor Signs Order Ending Mask Mandates in Schools, Gives Pen to Little Girl Suspended 9 Times for Not Complying

San Francisco Residents Overwhelmingly Vote to Recall Three Far-Left School Board Members

Psaki Refuses to Answer Any Questions About Durham’s Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Spy Operation On Trump

NYC Mayor Torches Media and Accuses Them of Printing Bad Press Because He's Black


Jim Jordan Blasts Durham Probe's Bombshell Revelation

Sunday Talks, Maria Bartiromo is Fired Up About Latest Durham Pleadings

Louisville Mayoral Candidate Shot at in His Office in ‘Attempted Assassination’

“A Sad, Sad Day For Canada” – Bystanders Watch in Horror as Police Arrest Elderly Convoy Participant After he Yelled Back at Them

Will Vicious Leftist Lesley Stahl Apologize to America and Trump After She’s Caught Lying About and Being Part of Cover-up of the Largest Political Scandal in US History?

CNN’s Tapper: Biden Rejecting U.S. Army Report On Afghanistan Pullout Is “Insulting”…

Pelosi Says No One Is Better At “Strategic Thinking” Than Biden…

Biden National Security Adviser Says He “Rejects” Report Showing Errors In Afghanistan Withdrawal…


Oh Canada

Concertgoers at country star at a packed Morgan Wallen concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City were heard chanting

Weingarten: New York Lifting Mask Mandates for Adults, But Not for Students Is ‘Absolutely the Right Way’

“You’re Being a Wise Guy” – Joe Biden Scolds NBC’s Lester Holt For Asking About Skyrocketing Inflation

Children in Las Vegas JUMP FROM THEIR SEATS and CHEER after They Find Out Democrat Mask Mandates were Lifted


The Great Canadian Freedom Convoy

Psaki setting you up

NBC Applauds Genocide Barbie Eileen Gu for Dumping USA to Join China’s Olympic Team

CNN’s Jake Tapper Criticizes Hollywood’s Submission to China, Omits WarnerMedia’s Own Complicity

McConnell States the People Can Never Be Permitted a Voice in Politics, and January 6th Was a Terrorist Attack

Coons: Biden ‘Masterfully’ Pulled NATO Together Against Putin


Sunday Talks, All GOP Club Members Asked if They Support Mike Pence Remarks on Friday

High school students in a Chicago suburb were told to mask up or leave. This was their response.

Schweizer: We Need to Investigate ‘Whether the Biden Family May Indeed Be Compromised’

Kinzinger to GOP Colleagues Who Won’t Speak Out Against Trump: ‘Your Silence Is Complicity’

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch compares Trump to Hitler, blasts Jewish Americans who support him

One in Three Americans racist


Rachel Maddow OVERTLY LIES About DeSantis and Disgustingly Smears Him as a Nazi Sympathizer

JB Biunno #HeyJB @WFLAJB Here's Governor Ron DeSantis' response to a reporter who asked about this weekend's Neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic rallies in Florida:

Priceless – Guy Calls Into Portland City Council Zoom Meeting Praising Mayor’s Soft On Crime Policies

Dr. Malone talks about the three DOD whistleblowers who claim vaccine adverse events are being deleted after they data mined the database.

Canada ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protester: Families ‘Have Had Enough’

3:08 Associated Press reporter Matt Lee challenged State Department spokesperson Ned Price on Thursday over the Biden administration’s claim that Russia is preparing a “false flag” operation, including a film, to create a pretext to invade Ukraine.


Stelter: Chris Cuomo Was ‘Trying to Burn the Place Down’ – Was Going to Reveal ‘Incriminating Information’ About Jeff Zucker

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki made that weird statement on Monday

He Just Can’t Help It: Biden Leans Forward and Whispers During Remarks on Cancer Research

CBS's Weijia Jiang to Jen Psaki: "[G]iven the President's commitment to diversify [the Supreme Court]...there's never been an Asian American justice or LGBTQ justice, so will he make a similar pledge?"


Beautiful Moment: KC Stadium Loudly Sings National Anthem After Artist Has Microphone Issues

SHOCKING TESTIMONY Reveals Democrats Were Stealing Overseas and Military Ballots from Michigan, Georgia and Now Arizona Too

Blackface Justin Trudeau Accuses Canadian Truckers of “Racism” Accuses them of Using “Nazi Symbolism”

Trudeau Lashes Out at Truckers from Secret Location, Accuses Convoy Crowd of “Hateful Rhetoric” and “Violence Toward Citizens”

“They Tell Me I’m Supposed to Call on Governor Cox First” – Joe Biden’s Awkward Meeting with Nation’s Governors

Marjorie Taylor Greene BLASTS Lindsey Graham After His Disgusting and Ignorant Comments Supporting Jan-6 Prisoner Abuse


J.D. Vance Criticizes Opponent Matt Dolan for Indians Name Change, Rails Against ‘Weak Republicans’

Joe Biden Does the Creepy Whisper Thing AGAIN in Pennsylvania – Then Mingles Maskless with Crowd

“I’ve Never Seen as Many Deaths.. It’s Around a 500 or 600% Increase” – Funeral Director in UK Reveals Increasing Number of Thrombosis Death in Vaccinated Young Adults

“Our Goal is Zero Traffic Deaths” – Buttigieg Announces New Federal Strategy to Combat Traffic Fatalities

Republican State Rep. Nick Freitas of Virginia has had enough of Democrats accusing anyone who opposes them of racism and sexism.


Psaki Repeatedly Asked if Kamala Harris is Being Considered For the Supreme Court

CNN’s Acosta: VA Under Youngkin ‘a Soviet-Style Police State’

“45th AND 47th” President of the US: Trump Declares He Will Take Back the Oval Office in Rare Behind the Scenes Video

Whistleblowers Reveal DoD Medical Data Showing Military Cancer Diagnoses HAVE TRIPLED Since The Rollout Of The Experimental Vaccines – Along With a 10x Increase in Neurological Disorders and a Near 5x increase in Female INFERTILITY

If You're Confronted By A Mask Karen, Rand Paul Has Some Advice


Biden Administration Again Rejects Ukraine’s Call for Sanctions on Russia(2 clips)

Obama-Biden State Dept Orders Diplomats and Families to Leave Ukraine Ahead of U.S. Conflict with Russia

Sunday Talks, Devin Nunes Provides Update on Truth Social Media Platform

NBC Releases Poll Showing a Complete Collapse in Support for Biden from Independent Voters

Little Brian Stelter Does A Segment On Him Teaching High School Kids About How To Spot FAKE NEWS


The War Room Is Not Here to Unite the Country

MSNBC’s Reid: Biden’s Infrastructure Package Was ‘White Guy Employment Act’

Blinken on War Between Ukraine, Russia: ‘Ultimately Going to Be President Putin Who Decides’

Howard Stern: Hospitals Should Refuse to Treat Unvaccinated — ‘Go Home and Die’

Can't afford baby food? Buy a margherita instead

CASE CLOSED: President Trump on Jan. 6: “I Authorized National Guard on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Turned It Down”

“They’ve Given Up at Least 1 and Maybe 2 Congressional Seats!” – Eric Greitens Goes Off on Pathetic Missouri RINOs and Their Redistricting Map


Watch: FL Dem Gov Hopeful Crist Likens DeSantis to ‘Castro or Maduro’; Ignores Question About Fried’s Hitler Comparison

Scarborough Rips Biden for Governing as a ‘Leftist’ — ‘It Has Failed Miserably’

Howard Stern: Hospitals Should Refuse to Treat Unvaccinated — ‘Go Home and Die’

Tucker: We’re watching civilization collapse in real time

Joe Manchin Takes to the Senate the Middle of Biden's Press Conference


Pelosi at MLK Day Event: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson Have “Tears in Their Eyes” That the Filibuster is in the Way of Federalizing Elections

MSNBC contributor Elie Mystal appeared on the network on Monday to declare that Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema “are the white people that Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about.”

Flashback: Biden Said ‘Dr. King’s Assassination Did Not Have the Worldwide Impact That George Floyd’s Death Did’

Steve Bannon Blasts FOX News: “FOX Has Really Flipped – You’re Not a News Organization – The FOX Scam Is Over!”


Ruben Gallego Goes After Kyrsten Sinema in House Floor Speech

CNN’s King Paints Bleak Outlook on Biden Presidency — ‘It Is Very Dark for Him Right Now’

Biden Forgets Name of His Infrastructure Czar, Almost Calls Him Mitch McConnell

“The Bengals Are Playing Tomorrow” – Psaki When Asked to Answer For Biden’s Hell Week

“I Thought It Was Fabulous!” – Pelosi Praises Biden For Calling Americans Who Oppose Democrats’ Radical Election Overhaul ‘Domestic Enemies’

CNN Reports On 20-Year High In Police Killings Driven By Failed Far-Left Prosecutors, Anti-Cop Sentiment



Philadelphia Media Blame Grocery Store Shortages on “The Winter of Severe Illness and Death”, Omicron

Buttigieg as the official “man who saved Christmas”.

The Big Club Temporarily Modifies Ted Cruz Marionette Strings So He Can Regain Attention of His Audience


‘They’re Just Ignoring Everything and Living Their Lives’ – CNN Worried People Are Tuning Out Covid Fear Porn Being Churned Out by Fake News

CDC Finally Admits 75 Percent of COVID Deaths Happen in Patients “With at least Four or More Comorbidities”

Kinzinger: ‘Profit-Driven Radio’ Turning GOP Base ‘Angry, Fearful’

Chicago Teachers Union Delegate Says He Will ‘Report’ Members Who Attend Work

Very Interesting Marionette Strings Visible in South Dakota, There Are No Coincidences of This Scale


Ted Cruz Repeatedly Described Jan. 6 Protesters as ‘Terrorists’ Before Claiming ‘Sloppy Phrasing’

Olbermann Calls on Biden to Ban Trump, Other ‘Traitors’ from Holding Office

U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

Republicans Only Back The Blue ‘When Some Racist Cop Beats Up An African American’ – Top Democrat Jamie Raskin At January 6 Vigil Hosted By Antifa Group


Medical Ethics Prof on CNN: ‘Penalize’ Unvaccinated Americans

Dem Rep. Raskin: ‘We Clearly Have a Fascistic Movement’ in GOP

Al Gore:On 2000 Election and Supreme Court Decision

Hillary Clinton claims 2016 election was 'stolen' from her

AG Merrick Garland Vows to Take More Action Against “January 6 Perpetrators”

Georgia Ballot Trafficking Whistleblower Admits to Making $45,000 for Stuffing Ballot Boxes

Psaki Says Joe Biden Will Spend Tomorrow Attacking Trump For Jan 6 “Insurrection”


Clueless Biden Shocked to Learn the Price of Beef Has Skyrocketed

Liz Cheney: Republicans Can’t Be Loyal to Both Trump and the Constitution

“I Guess I Should’ve Been at the Beach in Delaware” – DeSantis Blasts Leftists Who Claimed He Was ‘Missing’ During Covid Surge

Tommy Robinson’s Car FIREBOMBED After Release of Documentary Trailer on Grooming Gangs

January 6th Commission Recommends New Spying Methods On American Citizens…


Fauci Takes Professional Gaslighting to New Levels, Now Admitting Children Hospitalized COVID Cases is Wrong

California mass exodus is real: Donald Luskin




Blumenthal refers to Republicans as enemies of communism


Durbin on Filibuster ‘Reform’: ‘The Voting Rights of Every American Are at Stake Here’

Fauci ‘Strongly’ Warns Against Hugging and Kissing on New Year’s Eve

Angry Women Who Harassed Male Students at ASU Multicultural Center Are Found Guilty – Now Claim They Are Being Persecuted 2 CLIPS


Fauci: Cancel New Year’s Eve Parties…

‘Is This a Saturday Night Skit?’ – Chicago Mayor Ridiculed for Wishing a ‘Joyous Kwanzaa’ While Ignoring Crime in the City

Goya Foods CEO: ‘Fake News’ for Kamala Harris to Claim Supply Chain Progress

GOP Sen. Cramer: Joe Manchin Saved the Democratic Party

Joe Biden’s “Let’s Go Brandon” Christmas Caller Tells War Room: “Trump Is My President”


Students Agree ‘Frosty the Snowman’ Is Not ‘Gender Inclusive’

LeBron says he believes Rockets GM Daryl Morey wasn’t educated when he spoke about Hong Kong

EPIC! Dad on NORAD Christmas Call Trolls Clueless Biden Into Saying, “Let’s Go Brandon! I agree”

The Propaganda Never Stops… UK Leader Boris Johnson Preaches on ‘Getting Jabbed for Jesus’ in his Christmas Eve Message

“Whatever it Takes” – Biden Supports Senate Filibuster ‘Exception’ to Ram Through Voting Legislation – Says He Would Axe the Longstanding Senate Practice Without Hesitation


Reporter Absolutely Grills Psaki Over WH Testing Plans…

Fauci: Americans Should Ask Unvaccinated Americans To Not Show Up For Christmas

Lefty Uninvited From Christmas With Family After Demanding Everyone Wear Masks And Get A Test First…

Freudian Slip? WHO Director Says Covid Boosters Are Being Used to “Kill Children” in Slip-Up During Press Conference

Christians Protest Satanic Holiday Display Installed Alongside Nativity Scene In Illinois Capitol

“Gifts Are Being Delivered, Shelves Are Not Empty” – Biden Absurdly Claims Supply Chain Crisis “Didn’t Actually Occur”


Ocasio-Cortez Slams ‘Fundamentally Undemocratic’ Senate — ‘Operates Like an Old Boys’ Club’

“I’m from West Virginia,”

27 Businesses Take Vaccine Mandate to Supreme Court

“Let’s Go Brandon! – USA! USA!” – Heckler in Deep Blue San Francisco Yells at Pelosi

Kinzinger Says January 6 Panel Investigating Whether Trump Acted Criminally

Maybe Trump Can Use This In His Lawsuit: Video Montage of Unhinged Letitia James Threatening President Trump


Joe Biden Refers to Kamala Harris as ‘President’

DHS Alejandro Mayorkas: Silicon Valley ‘Committed’ to Speech Curbs

Biden NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan: “We Safely and Effectively Drew Down” in Afghanistan

Man Dies of Cardiac Arrest After EMS Paramedics REFUSED to Enter the Building Due to California “Covid-19 Law”

Biden Nominee for US District Court Refuses to Answer Question About Whether Criminal Acts Should Be Forgiven “In the Name of Social Justice”



BANNON GOES OFF — After News Breaks that Dems will Shelve Build Back Better Bill – Will Move to Federalize Elections – Their Permanent Power Play

Joe Biden: Inflation ‘Gonna Cost Santa Some Money’ This Christmas

Swalwell on January 6 Probe: ‘There May Be a Criminal Referral’ for Donald Trump

Tuberville on Defense Spending: ‘We Can’t Afford’ to Get into Another Conflict

Scarborough: DeSantis, Cruz, Trump Engaging in ‘Phony Populism’ — ‘So Insulting’


Panic Hits Meet The Press as They Contemplate Collective Media’s Inability to Destroy Donald Trump and Manipulate Public Opinion

Rand Paul: Fauci’s Knee-Jerk Reaction to Everything Is to Take Away Your Liberty’

Hillary Clinton: If Trump Wins in 2024, It ‘Could Be the End of Our Democracy’

“There’s No Sound or Fume… How Do I Know It’s Working?” – Kamala Harris Struggles with Electric Car Charger

Wicked Prime Minister Announces the Vaccinated Population Can Now Resume Their Orgies of Up to 25 People


Ron DeSantis: Private Entities Facilitating Illegal Immigration ‘Will Be Charged to Provide Restitution to Florida’

CNBC Poll: Inflation Surpasses Coronavirus as Number One National Concern

Hillary Clinton Predicts Trump Running Again in 2024, Warns of ‘Dire Consequences’

Psaki Claims the Only Americans Who Look at Economic Data “Work in New York and Other Places”

Biden Downplays His Historic Inflation Crisis, “Not Everybody is Looking For a Used Automobile”


Robert Earl Keene's Merry Christmas from the Family

mele kalikimaka on meth

Joe Biden Says He’s Trying to “Work Out Any Accommodation” For Vladimir Putin to Not Invade Ukraine

Fauci Tells Americans They Should “Ask and Maybe Require” Their Holiday Guests Show Proof They Are Vaccinated

Pathetic: Hillary Clinton Cries as She Reads Victory Speech She Wrote for 2016

“A Child Who Has No Idea What She’s Talking About” – Tucker Carlson UNLOADS on Joni Ernst and Her War Cries Against Russia

Matt Gaetz calls on the FBI to come clean about their involvement in the Jan 6th riot.


WATCH: Jen Psaki Refuses to Revise Claim Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Russian Disinformation’

HILARIOUS! New Anthem “Stick Your Vaccine Mandate Up Your A**” is Spreading Like Wildfire

FOX News Sidelines Lara Logan After Dr. Fauci Complains About Her Nazi Doctor Comparison


Alec Baldwin Says He Feels No Guilt After Fatally Shooting Producer on Set of ‘Rust’

“Are You OK?” – Joe Biden Sounds Like Hell, Coughs Through His Speech, Laughs About Empty Shelves(3 clips)

REPORT: Three Billionaires with Foreign Roots Financed the 2020 Democrats Dark Money Machine


The End Is Near: Joe Biden Stops Making Sense – Can No Longer Read TelePrompter

“We Need to Vaccinate the World”

Schiff Says January 6 Committee will Make Decision This Week Whether to Refer Mark Meadows For Criminal Contempt Charges


Before Taking His Cokehead Son And Second Wife To Billionaire’s Retreat For Thanksgiving, Biden Lectures Americans To “Get Some Perspective” 

Woman Laughs Off People Yelling At Her For Not Wearing A Mask…

White Racists


Brzezinski: Kennedy Bringing Up Biden Nominee Omarova’s Ties to Communism ‘Sick’ — ‘Made Me Want to Cry’

Report: Search for Jimmy Hoffa’s Body Leads FBI to NJ Landfill

MSNBCFBI Retired and Sharpton(2 clips)

Rittenhouse Defense Lawyer Blasts Joe Biden For Defaming His Teen Client with ‘White Supremacist’ Label

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