Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Warrior

I can’t remember where I heard this term, but in todays political climate I think that it could potentially be one of the most descriptive of Trump supporters. We are happy that our candidate won, but know that him getting elected while quite an accomplishment, is only the beginning. That is where the Warrior comes in. We must ensure that the President-elect surrounds himself with an excellent cabinet and advisors for the country to move forward and make America great again.

Rules for the Happy Warrior

  1.  Follow the first word, Happy. If there is anything the left hates it is happiness. Turn their attacks back at them with humor. They can’t handle it.
  2. Take NOTHING they say personally. They are conditioned, upon challenge of their belief system to react with labels. (Racist, the phobes and such) Don’t take the bait. When you argue with an idiot, they will drag you to their level in beat you with experience.
  3. Be smarter than your opponent. The left tend to believe they are morally and intellectually superior. Odds are they will repeat to you the DNC talking points, (which they have memorized) instead of being able to provide hard facts. For example: “Bannon is an anti-Semite”. This quote which is directly from the DNC playbook. Except the Anti-Defamation League had to post on their site that “We are NOT aware of any Anti-Semitic statements from Mr. Bannon.
  4. Facts ALWAYS win. Don’t engage a liberal without evidence. Truth be told, evidence most likely will not sway them, but if you do it in a crowd, they tend to look like a moron.
  5. NEVER get physical. That is exactly what they want. “The big, bad Trump supporter punched me in the mouth…” As they are running to the police, who they hate. Ironic huh?

Most importantly, take joy in their misery. Had the election gone the other way you can guarantee that they would be gloating and putting it in your face, that their treasonous, criminal candidate was elected, however we wouldn’t have had the riots. Trump voters have too much class to throw a hissy-fit, block traffic and light our neighborhoods on fire. 

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