Wednesday, January 25, 2017

10 Arabic Words All Americans Need To Know

10 Arabic Words You Need To Know

dawah, Da'wah is an Arabic word which means to invite or summon someone. This term is often used to describe when Muslims share their faith with others, in order to teach them more about Islam. Pronunciation: da-w-wah. Also Known As: prosthelytize, give testimony, share, preach, teach.

dhimmi, ([ðimi]; Arabic: ذمي, meaning "protected person") refers to specific individuals living in Muslim lands, who were granted special status and safety in Islamic law in return for paying the capital tax

hijra, Arabic word for "migration" Hegira or Hijra of Muhammad, the migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib (later renamed by him to Medina) in 622 CE

jizya, Ottoman Turkish: جزيه/cizye) is a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects—dhimmis—permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law.

kafir, what the Koran and Islam call the unbelievers. Kafir is the worst word in the human language. They who dispute the signs of Allah [kafirs] without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.

shaheed, not to be confused with martyr, is only applied to those who sacrifice their lives for Allah's cause

shariah, Islamic canonical law based on the teachings of the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet (Hadith and Sunna), prescribing both religious and secular duties and sometimes retributive penalties for lawbreaking.

takfir, refers to the practice of excommunication, one Muslim declaring another Muslim as kafir (non-believer). The act which precipitates takfir is termed the mukaffir. An ill-founded takfir accusation is a major forbidden act.

taqiyya, is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie.

Ummah the whole community of Muslims bound together by ties of religion.

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