Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Where to go?


We have reach a point where, in order to get our voices out, we may have to move to a different platform. Right now we still have our FaceBook Page. (https://www.facebook.com/Coldwarradio22) While this has been our online home for many years, the censorship has begun. Therefore we have created alternate sites in case when we are eventually kicked off of FaceBook. Some of these sites may also be censoring content, but we must push on until we are pushed out. 

MeWe -  We have created a presence on MeWe. (https://mewe.com/join/coldwarradio) You must request access to the site. We are doing that to limit people from selling stuff or trying to get us to join a pyramid scheme. 

Gab - We also created a presence on Gab as soon as the servers calmed down due to Parler getting banned as a platform outright. Our Gab address is (https://gab.com/groups/22163) again this is a Private group in an effort to keep the Riff-Raff out. 

CloutHub - CloutHub is the last platform we have joined. The use of CloutHub is a little clunky, but the moderation tools are pretty good. Hopefully in the future the URL will be a little more friendly. You can find our CloutHub instance here. (For our CloutHub instance go to the site and search for Cold War Radio or you can try this, but I make no promises http://bit.ly/3oGbpV5) The way CloutHub creates URL is horrendous. Hopefully one of these two methods will work out for you. 

See you there soon!

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