Friday, December 4, 2020


They say once broken, it can never be repaired. With this massive cover-up by the mainstream media, when the truth comes out, some will be shocked that they have been lied to, others will be angry. They have every right to be angry and shocked. The media was supposed to be the watchdogs for “We the People”. They let us down. On both sides of the aisle. What will it take for people to understand. What we are witnessing is nothing short of a coup. An elite group decided who was going to run the country. As an American, you should be pissed. Not R or D, AMERICAN. Votes were manipulated. 

The fact that the MSM continues to say there is no evidence. They are wrong. Or worse lying to you. Our watchdogs have failed us. A fair media was so important that they received Constitutional protections. The only requirement that should have been added to receive the protections would be impartiality. The media has become more than the enemy of the people. By hiding evidence of this crime, they are complicit with the coup and should be dealt with accordingly. 

Mayor Giuliani has presented thousands of affidavits os election fraud. Only one would be evidence. Now a video has surfaced in Georgia show poll people stuffing the ballot box. Coincidentally, this occurs at the same time Biden got 98% of the vote. While poll watchers were thrown out and four people stayed behind to complete the stuffing. Not to mention the testimony in Arizona where the individual said under oath, that votes left US soil to be “processed” in Spain or Germany. (We got the German server. Keep that in mind.) As the days go by, more and more evidence is reported.

It is my belief that once this plays out, the MSM will have made themselves irrelevant and no longer trusted by the People. With the media attempting to control the American people, there will be an awakening in this country. To be shortly followed by a reckoning.  

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