Friday, January 3, 2020

Two Things for the New Decade

Americans seem to have a hard time learning from history. In the 70's we withdrew from Vietnam after some 58,000 plus killed. The President resigned and the Democrats gave Vietnam to the Communists without a fight. President Gerald Ford pleaded with congress for funding for the ARVN Army and Air Force but this was shot down, defunded and all that blood was washed down the sewer. A brief struggle in 75 for the USS Mayaguez and it was all over and Ho Chi Minh City was here to stay.

All this and huge carve outs for the military industrial complex thrived in Germany and Republic of Korea. Military and State Department employees raised families in these fiefdoms we created, complete with car dealerships, bowling alleys, movie theaters, massive commissaries were positioned and the black markets flourished.

In 1979 we lost Iran. The Islamic Republic would be a constant reminder that Islam was at war with us, but we were not at war with them. It still nauseates me to here American news readers call their cities "Holy". Who can forget the bombing of the Marines in Beirut,  I was in the US Army by then and subscribed to Time magazine. The picture of wounded Marines being evacuated was etched into my young mind. Reagan was advised to run from the Middle East. CIA station chiefs hanged and a sailor being murdered on a hijacked airplane, then pushed out of the cockpit door to the tarmac far below. This caused the Army to hide us in civilian clothes as opposed to the prior requirement to wear Class A uniforms when traveling. Oh and hide your military ID in your sock.

The 90's gave us another lost war in Desert Storm, thanks George HW Bush, but not to worry, Bill Clinton would pretty much stick to blowing up aspirin factory's and running the Christians out of the Balkans in favor of the Muslims. George W was up next and after 9/11 it was off to Afghanistan. Thank God Donald Rumsfeld didn't listen to Gen Shinseki and pour hundreds of thousands of troops in, but the bottom line is that we are still there. The State Department and Military have the very same fiefdoms set up, less some of the finer points, but don't worry, give it another 20 years! Iraq was up next and man did we pile on. Democrats even supported it until Howard Dean won a primary with anti war rants. Then we saw Vietnam all over again. Out came Kerry, Durbin and surprisingly former Marine officer John Murtha from Pennsylvania slandering our own Marines. Every Democrat turned on Bush and Karl Rove decided not to fight back. Obama wins the White House and the blood of 5,000 volunteers washed down the sewer again, see the pattern here.

Now to today. The Democrats have been colluding with the generals and mullahs in Iran for years, specifically John Kerry and Valerie Jarrett. The president sees an opening to take out an Obama friendly general and he does it, after saving the embassy in Baghdad and the Left goes into full meltdown. Hollywood's finest siding with Iran. The neocons like Pompeo, Graham and the rest want war now!

I submit, as a 35 year Army veteran, that our military has transformed into a politically correct soup sandwich. The troops spend much more time on sexuality, racism, sexual harassment than they ever do with their weapons. Junior officers are afraid to say anything of consequence and some of the senior officers are sure to check all the right blocks to ensure a cushy VP position in some corporation that supports the giant military machine. This is oh so much more profitable when it is supporting a deployed military force. Soldiers do not even live in barracks anymore, closer to dorms and NCO's cannot infringe on their privacy, can you imagine?

Here are the 2 things. Not one more bullet is chambered in any military long gun until war is officially declared by Congress. A bold Senator or Representative needs to author a bill or the President should issue an executive order immediately stripping the prefix of "Honorable" from every member of Congress until ALL ethics violations are investigated and crimes accounted for. Bring the soldiers home and get back to basic soldiering! Happy New Decade America, let's put this back on track.

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