Friday, December 20, 2019

Thoughts on Impeachment

After the expected vote on the House floor, Congress voted on straight party lines to impeach the President. 
Before this entire debacle started Nancy Pelosi said that:

  1. The evidence would be overwhelming
  2. The vote would be bi-partisan 

Sadly, neither of these things occurred. The Intelligence committee kicked off the shenanigans with Adam Schiff running the show. While in the Intel Committee the Republicans not permitted to question some witnesses, at times with Schiff interjecting and “guiding” the witnesses as to what questions they could answer. in any case, all of the Democrats fact witnesses that were called, not one of them could state a crime committed by the President. A complete kangaroo court. (apologies to kangaroos) 

We then venture to the Judiciary Committee chaired by Oswald Cobblepot AKA Jerry Nadler. Following the lead of the Intel committee continued the farce that any part of this proceeding was fair to the President of the American people. Again witnesses (this term is used loosely as none of these witnesses, witnessed anything) were called to testify about how they felt. Nadler rushed the hearing to a quick conclusion, so they could get to the House vote before Christmas. The vote was taken, the President has been impeached and the left rejoiced.

Now as Paul Harvey used to say “is the rest of the story…”  When attacking the president's call in Ukraine, the Democrats outted the front runner of their party, for actually committing the crime they originally charged the President with quid pro quo. (until polling told them no one gets the term, so then they changed the charge midstream to bribery as that polls better).

My takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi got bullied into impeachment by “the Squad” 
  • Adam Schiff lied on many occasions during the hearings, from coming up with an untrue conversation that he read to the American people and when the President released the transcript said it was a parody. Then the issue with the whistleblower he said he had no idea who it was until it was learned that his staff had already met with the whistleblower.
  • Reps. Ratcliffe, Jordan, Collins and Stefanik and now rock stars in the Republican party.
  • Here is how stupid house democrats are. 31 Congress members up for re-election are in districts won by President Trump. So they hate the President so much they just voted themselves out of a job. 
  • Nancy said she is holding the impeachment paperwork until the Senate agrees to a fair trial. Instead of dismissing it out of hand. You might not want that because if a real trial is held in the Senate, all of the Senators on the campaign trail will have to suspend their run until the trial is over. Biden will be called and their front runner is eliminated, Schiff will get called for abuse of power. 
  • Anyone who thinks these lame charges are going to be enough to have the President removed, you must be high.
  • They could have avoided all of this pain if Nancy had just stood up to the squad. 

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