Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Random thoughts episode 1

I felt I needed to write this while it was fresh in my mind. I was in a “discussion” with a crazy person with a severe case of TDS I have ever seen. (I’m not counting any of the Hollyweird Wombats)
Her: “Do you listen to him? He is deranged”
Me: “what about the economy?”
Her: “The way he talks is just disgusting”
Me: “What about unemployment being the lowest since the ’60s?”
Her: “I can’t stand his voice”
Me: “I give up…”
 “Actions speak louder than words…” This is a lyric to a song from the Black Crows, but it also applies to this President. When the dialog began with North Korea, everyone in the media swore President Trump was trying to get us into WWIII, with his taunts to Rocketman the President had everyone nervous. But what actions came from that? The return of the remains of many American soldiers giving closure to their families. There was also the beginning of the negotiations for a denuclearized North Korea. President Trump even went one better by being the first US President to set foot in North Korea. Media won’t tout that.

All the while creating a BOOMING economy, the lowest unemployment since the ’60s, the resurgence of manufacturing (after Obama said “those jobs are gone forever and they ain’t coming back”) Yet another example of Obama being wrong. These are the actions speaking much louder than words. So the President says something that’s not that polished, or spelled correctly (in the case of Twitter) <H/T to CNN for their in-depth journalist investigative reporting into how many times the President misspelled words on Twitter going back to when he started on Twitter in 2003.> That’s why we elected him. To get someone in the oval office that wasn’t a politician, but someone that is a representative of the people.
And the way it should be.

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