Monday, July 15, 2019


Think about this for a minute. The left goes out of their way to put everyone in a box. It is also possible to have multiple labels. This is exactly what the left wants. The more labels there are, the greater the possibility of causing discourse with everyone in a particular bucket. The left loves it when they can call out multiple boxes at the same time. For example a gay, black man with dandruff will send them into a complete tizzy. This is a common tactic, start paying attention to the news, as the media is primary in assigning these labels as well as how to exploit the issue. Instead of “Man dies in shoot out with Police…” becomes “Black man shot by police…”

The left is struggling to figure out what labels to throw at us in an effort to get us to abandon our argument and concede. (Sorry sunshine, those days are over). The old you’re a racist isn’t working anymore, then they went with alt-right, but now have pivoted to an oldie… “White supremacist”. Really? History lesson for you cupcake, the KKK (which you are referring to) was a DEMOCRATIC organization. It was created to keep the “Negros” in line after the awful Republicans fought, won a war in order to make them free men. Yet another thing the democrats fail to mention on their election posters. Here are some quick numbers the next time a social justice warrior wants to challenge you and call you a Klansmen or White supremacist.

 13th Amendment: 
Abolished Slavery
100% Republican Support
23% Democrat Support

14th Amendment:
Gave citizenship to Freed Slaves
94% Republican Support
0% Democrat Support

18th Amendment:
Right to Vote for All
100% Republican Support
0% Democrat Support

Based on this information, historically the Democratic Party were the women hating white supremacists. So someone will need to explain to me how being a Republican, makes me a white supremacist. Go ahead lots of room in the comments.

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