Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hillary, Recounts, and Hacking… Oh My!!!!

Let’s get some stuff out of the way early. The voting machines were NOT hacked. They aren't connected to the internet, making hacking impossible. But when older people hear hacking they are instantly frightened, because on a daily business the local news details the latest “trick” the hackers are using to get your money. Add to that, they were raised to be fearful of the Russians, giving the DNC the perfect villain. I want to set the record straight, the term hacker is meant for enthusiasts. When a golfer first starts he is a hacker. If you believe they have committed a crime, then call them what they are. A criminal. Hacking is not a bad thing. The media has given it a bad name.  (Getting off soapbox)

A news story broke yesterday that Hillary was demanding an investigation of the WikiLeaks emails. (Once again blaming the Russians) Here is the issue that I have with that. At no point since the emails were released, there have been no claims to the invalidity of the emails. Only the Russians breached the WikiLeaks emails. So it sounds to me they are calling the election rigged because all of this truth was released. It has been long established that the DNC has problems when the truth is brought to light.  

WikiLeaks released a statement declaring that none of the emails were obtained from the Russians, but a disgruntled DNC employee. That isn't being reported because this is being declared “False News” Fake news is yet another term the leftists use to get regular American’s to sit down and shut up. Racist was last months “Fake News”. This gives them the ability to control all of the media, by shaming them calling any stories ‘Fake News” to discredit it. This might have worked in the 80’s, but now controlling the media is gone. Democrats, instead of coming up with trigger words, how about read and practice the First Amendment.

Recounts- Jill Stein went out of her way to declare that voter fraud was rampant and the only reason Trump won was the fix was in for Trump. How did that work out for you Jill? You even managed to get Hillary to jump on board. Then the results came out and you were right, voter fraud DID occur, only for the wrong candidate. Michigan demonstrated that even with the DNC cheating, Trump still won. In Wisconsin the effect was the same. Showing the DNC tried to rig the vote, even trying to cheat they still couldn't beat Trump. They can thank whatever deity they godless democrats pray to that the judge didn't allow the recount in Pennsylvania.

What are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing them in the comments.

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