Monday, November 21, 2016

Why Bannon

“When you always do, what you’ve always done, you always get what you always got.” 

Last week Harry (thank God he is leaving) Reid went on a tirade about Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon. Explaining to the US Senate the evil that is Steve Bannon and Breitbart. It is for this reason I think Bannon is a good appointment. Harry, this is why Trump was elected and your side lost so magnificently. The fact that you weren’t upset about Reince Priebus tells us we need to keep an eye on him. This is what I meant in my opening statement. I am also sure Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach appointed as the Immigration secretary, will make the liberal tears flow once more. In case you guys missed it, this is what the country voted for. The American people want a seismic shift from the status quo, and that’s what’s happening. The Congressmen and Senators that have made a career cruising, look out. The awesome thing is there are more appointments that are going to make liberal heads explode. Jeff Sessions will be the Attorney General, (watch out Hillary). General Flynn gets the National Security advisor, with General Mattis being considered for Secretary of Defense.

The thing no one seems to realize is Trump didn’t only destroy the Democratic Party, but did the same to the Republican Party. The NEW Republican Party has some work to do.

1. KILL, ABOLISH and otherwise DESTROY political correctness.
2. Gear it up for the new millennium. I get it you ended slavery and advanced civil rights, but like anything else, “what have you done lately?”
 3. Get a new name. The Republican Party was established in 1854. The name is old and tired. I think John McCain voted on the original.
 4. Bring back TESTOSTERONE!

We need people that are going to piss the establishment off. That are going to challenge the norm.

Now it is time to talk about the lying celebrities who swore to leave the country if Trump was elected. I was always told that a person was only as good as their word. These people that say some of the most vicious and hateful things about Americans, decide that when the time comes they can’t keep up with their promises. Al Sharpton and Amy Schumer said their statements were made in ‘jest”. The only celebrity to keep their word was George Lopez. While I applaud him keeping his word, to be truthful, I wasn’t even aware he was still alive.

I have another question, we you get into acting, is there some sort of classes in political science or something that you have to take? There are so many coming out of the woodwork to explain to us peasants how the ruling class is keeping us down. The guy who has become most offensive of late has been Simon Helberg. While I do enjoy his work on The Big Bang Theory, I’m not sure that qualifies him to spout untruths. Last week he was encouraging the democratic sheep to follow him and protest the appointment of Steve Bannon because he was anti-Semitic. Only one problem with that Simon, the Anti-Defamation League walked back its accusations stating on its website: “We are NOT aware of any Anti-Semitic statements from Bannon.”

 Too bad you can’t base your argument on facts, instead of basing your argument on the old progressive left labels that people used to fear. The left has overused them so much incorrectly by crying wolf, they lost their effect.

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