Saturday, November 12, 2016

Righting Some Deadly Wrongs

Hutch Bailie Jr.      

As the debris of the self vanquished Democrat Crime Family settles it's time for some adult American conversations to start. We can never again be brought so close to  the end of the American Dream. I want to address two areas that have the ability, especially with our self absorbed distracted sound byte electorate, to sway too many. I will start with the corporate, corrupt news media that brought us so close to the edge on so many fronts. ABC "news" was CAUGHT doctoring video and still shots during the defining moment of Obama's plan to foment racial tensions in our land. I'm talking about the first serious effort to mislead the masses and push the false narrative (LIE) that a white Hispanic murdered in cold blood a cute little black teeny bopper. It really started with a Harvard professor, but that one didn't work out. Numerous additional efforts were pushed by the "media" and once great cities like Baltimore, Charlotte will never be the same, small cities like Sanford and Ferguson could be blighted as well. These "media" propaganda companies must be held accountable criminally in the future. Freedom of the Press must be enforced, but Truth or at the very least, the search for the truth must be paramount in the "News" media.

      Millions of people around the world were blatantly lied to during this (and previous) Presidential election cycles. The polls were almost all frauds including Twenty First Century Fox's Fox News Channel. The evidence is clear and glaring, all you need to do is read the painstaking research provided by sundance at The Conservative Treehouse, great job by a true patriot! Let me be clear when I say absolutely no change is needed concerning the First Amendment, we need to upgrade the requirements to call yourself a "News" outlet. If Leftist companies want to go on the air and lie to the world I guess they are free to do so, but we must end the fraud of these companies calling themselves "News" media. The FCC is probably the vehicle to deal with this and maybe they should be elected too. Criminal lying fraud on these networks have profound real , blood in the streets consequences and we must demand accountability (PRISON) for those who are caught tried and convicted of such high treason.

      The next albatross we must slay while God fearing patriotic Americans are finally back in charge and the Globalists on the right and Godless cultural Marxists on the Left are in retreat is voter fraud. Every election cycle for the last 20 years I have watched read and listened to reports of low life's in Democrat ruled cities bragging about how many times they voted. Saturday Night Live mediocre comedian Al Franken stole his seat and became the final vote for socialized medicine via a car trunk full of "found" votes. Northern Virginia counties always come in late to steal that Commonwealth when they know how many votes they need to manufacture for the "win". Al Gore and now Hillary Clinton will get the benefit of the lie that they won the popular vote, when no absentee ballots were counted. But the worst example is when Barrack Obama won some Philadelphia districts with 103% of the vote and zero votes for Mitt Romney.

      The answer to this most serious issue is two fold or three if you start with the first two paragraphs. Technology is available or must become available to ensure each American citizen and only American citizens can vote one time. I know it's a concept the Left abhors, but why won't they be held to account for why ? Identification must also be required, no quarter will be given. The second tool to get fair elections and the stop to institutional theft of Liberty is to increase the level of punishment for being convicted of these often world changing crimes. I want to say, with the potential destruction our Republic just dodged, is to make the crimes Capitol offenses but that is pretty harsh. We can save execution for those such as Nidal Hasan who should be very scared right now. Heavy Federal sentences should absolutely let these criminals know we will no longer tolerate stealing American votes just like we don't tolerate robbing banks. 15-25 years in Federal Prison  for the first offense, up to Life for any further offense. If we don't have enough prison space, we can renovate the United Nations building in NYC when it is vacated.

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