Monday, November 14, 2016

How Trump won

I was sitting around the house basking in the after-glow of the election, and started thinking… How did this happen? The Donald Trump rise can actually be traced back 30-40 years ago. When the progressive left began the political correct movement. The movement has nothing to do with politics or correctness. It has to do with eroding the first amendment. They want to control what you say by shaming you. Let me back up for a second…

The left want everyone to have a label or to fit in a certain box. It started with blacks becoming Afro-Americans and Mexicans becoming Mexican-Americans. Indicating that if you call a black man black, you are a racist, he should be an Afro-American. Quietly creating a division for the sake of political correctness. Black people are comfortable being called black. How about if we just call them Americans? I know it lumps everyone together, but that’s what we are. AMERICANS!  Anyone who wants you to use <race>-Americans as a matter of political correctness is trying to control your first amendment rights.

Phobias- This one makes me laugh. A phobia, by definition means “fear of” like arachnophobia is a fear of spiders (which is understandable as they have far too many legs and eyes). But to call someone a homophobe would mean they are afraid of homosexuals. But in order for the left to find a label they go with homophobe were I to call a gay man gay. Milo Yiannopoulos an openly gay man that is a senior editor for Breitbart news is currently on a tour of college campuses which is called the “Dangerous Faggot Tour”. Which goes out of his way to mock the level of political correctness. My point is, why does Milo need a label? (Other than the left has to have a category for him.)
Then comes the biggest label of them all… RACIST. When the left can no longer provide an argument, they whip out the racist card. (Which translates to I don’t have an argument, but I need you to shut up now.) I am the furthest from a racist person that you will ever meet, but believe I have the record for being called a racist, because leftists have issues with facts. The term racist is the largest weapon in their arsenal to hamper free speech.

I have heard the term xenophobe too… Not sure what that is, maybe it means fear of Scientology.

Now back to Trump. Regular people have gotten to the point they are afraid to say anything for fear of being labeled. Mr. Trump actually listened to the people. (Who would imagine a politician listening to the people)? Saying early in the campaign that political correctness was going to kill this country and for the first time gave voice the “Silent Majority”. In my opinion, that statement is the point when the Trump-Train started to roll.  Sometimes you have to send the message, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

Thoughts? Let’s see them below.             

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