Saturday, October 8, 2016

War Footing

This is an alert to all Donald J Trump supporters. We must remember where we are today. We are poised against the entire rest of the organized political machine. That machine includes the vast majority of elected officials both past and present in both parties. Every major "news" outlet. Every entertainment outlet including the NFL, and the most powerful the Globalists across the world.

This is typical Ruling Class vs Country Class as eloquently illustrated by Angelo Codevilla here . The thing I want to prepare you for is the certainty that more sleaze will surface as this corrupt process moves forward. Donald Trump, an America loving alpha male cannot be allowed to turn this crime ridden tax fleecing cartel on its ass. They will do everything, including kill to stop us. When I listen to these Republican "men" clutching their proverbial pearls with their panties all up in a bunch, like they never said anything crudely sexual about a good looking women it makes me want to puke.

Here is the mental defense I am going to provide so that you do not succumb to this psyops operation confronting us in the near future. Nothing of the sexual or chauvinist flavor should allow us to be shaken from here to November. Think about how many times Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, Bill Bennett or anyone in the Bush family including Billy called for the arrest of Hillary Clinton for providing every single national security communication during her tenure to every enemy this country ever had ? If it comes out that Trump had fantasies or whatever, think about how many times FOX News played the audio tape of Hillary Clinton laughing about getting a pedophile rapist off for raping a 12 year old girl, how many times did they interview the lady, she is still around. Think about an American Ambassador trapped in a safe room in a building filled with acrid black smoke from the diesel fuel used to light in on fire. Remember his scorched body being desecrated by moslem soldiers as they conquered American territory in Benghazi. Put yourself in the place of grieving parents being lied to in front of their dead loved ones draped in a flag no longer respected even on some NFL teams. Think of all of the victims of racist terror groups like white Leftist funded Black Lives Matter both civilian and law enforcement and think if this activity gets smaller or larger if you don't support America (Trump). I could go on, but my point is understand this is an organized operation for your mind and is being perpetrated by experts. Do you really believe Russia is behind this ? This current tape originated from a member of the Bush crime family and was released when it was due to a pure coincidence that Podesta's damning emails and Crooked Hillary's transcripts were dropped. She wants open borders all right.

Stay strong team, this has never been about Trump, it's about us, it's about The United States of America. God Help Us.


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