Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pile of Brass

1st thing I need to get off of my barrel, if you will. Weapon are no more dangerous than any tool that you have in your basement, or in your tool shed. The problem is we are misrepresented. In fact it is easier to kill someone with a hammer or a machete. Should we outlaw them also? Then what about power tools? Many tool makers have developed a a method to make your cordless drill a prefect companion to your cordless saw in order to make the perfect psycho and never once having to apply for a permit. So if the criteria for a weapon (tool), how does anyone determine what is in an evil is in a persons heart? Remember the Nazi’s in WWII? What were the to three things they took first?

The Automotive industry
The Healthcare System
The weapons of the people.

Is this finally sinking in? The deadliest attack on American soil was carried out by box cutters. Where was the public out cry to have them outlawed? Oh, that’s right, there wasn’t one. I wouldn’t fit the narrative. Now as to the executive order from the president, the loopholes he was so excited to close would have done NOTHING to prevent the horrific acts in San Bernardino or Sandy Hook. NOTHING. Here’s the deal:

Eliminate gun free zones. (they do nothing but let people with bad intentions that there will be at most a week response0
Teach classes on how to deal with an active shooter situation.
Teach children how to handle a weapon, instead of fleeing his/her only potential chances for survival.

A confession of a firearm, my job is daily simple, very much like a computer. This may get complicated but bear with me. You start out with a clean, well oiled device. The magazine is empty. Is this the scary part yet? Now we insert the magazine. Are you scared now? No, now the person on the other side of the weapon, has a weapon, and wishes to do damage to do harm, At this point you make your ultimate choice. Am I going to die fighting  standing for my family, or on my knees begging for my life as well families. I think you can deduce the path I am taking. I will die in a pile of brass,

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