Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not helping

I understand that people that feel as though marching with paper signs, or creating hash tags such as #bringbackourgirls will actually bring about any change you are mistaken. Last year Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls to be forced into sexual slavery. The administration employed this tactic using hash tags and social media to affect change.

Remember this picture?

This was a slick move on the administrations part. This way they can appear as though they really care without having to do anything for fear of upsetting the Muslims.
While this sentiment is great, and I'm sure that you get a warm, fuzzy feeling while you tap out your enraged message to Boko Haram or ISIS, the truth is it DOESN"T MATTER. Your indignation while being heartfelt is a waste of your cell phone battery. In the first place, most of these terror organizations aren't afraid of your march or that intimidating piece of paper you are holding. Secondly, you are giving them what they want: Attention.

Instead of organizing a march in downtown Pasadena, how about organizing a letter writing campaign to let your elected officials know that you have concerns. Urge them to use diplomatic or military means to rectify these atrocities. Until the government decides to fix the problem, these animals will continue to behead, kidnap or burn alive whoever they choose.

What are your thoughts?

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