Wednesday, May 21, 2014

America Time

Ok, it's time to straighten some things out. This is the United States of America. I have worked on behalf of this country (you) for over 30 years. This post is directed at young, undereducated Americans. When I say undereducated, this is not a slight, you have been ripped off by our current Leftist culture that is deeply embedded in every institution you have been exposed to during your lives. You were never taught how important the First Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights are and I mean sacred.

The catalyst that sped my non writing butt to the keyboard is the reaction to several Americans exercising said rights. Don Sterling was treated about as bad as one would be treated for denouncing Kim Jong Un in North Korea. See in America you are supposed to be able to say what you feel. Black Americans are not exempt. In my personal opinion, he's a little backwards, but no freaking way he loses his business in an America that is not completely headed towards Communism because he said he didn't want his girlfriend to post pics with black folks on the internet.

Let's talk about homosexual marriage. There is no such thing in my opinion. The cultural Marxists and the homosexual Left have managed to bastardize the American and actually the English language and insert a less true word "gay" in place of homosexual and they are trying to bastardize the word "marriage". I do not accept this. I don't hate or even dislike homosexuals, I know many and love a few. America is under assault by a Communist administration and culture that are doing everything they can to divide and conquer us. We must stay true to the constitution and let it guide us through our turmoil
. You get to freely be homosexual or support homosexuals and those of us that object get to voice our opinions. You don't get to try to destroy someone who disagrees with you. I will not allow you to do that to me. If you do not understand this fundamental quality of our way of life, you are part of the destructive force that is ripping our country apart.

Young people, homosexual marriage advocates, and those out to hang old Mr. Sterling, go back to the books, learn what it means to be an American. We need a new Ellis Island for you folks to learn what it is to be an American. I have dodged rockets and mortars for your right to burn the American flag (and I'm only a logistician), get your act together and don't fall into the Leftist trap of demonizing Americans that don't agree with you. The Democrat party will egg you on in your fury to destroy fellow Americans, don't let them have that power over you. Be a Damn American!........Godfather.

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