Saturday, December 21, 2013

When will we wake up?

This week another shot in the war on our freedoms was fired. Instead of anyone standing up and calling it what it is, an liberal attempt of political correctness to control the masses, most sat on their hands not wanting to make waves. I have made my New Years resolution early, I will NOT sit by and allow these morons to step on our rights in the name of not hurting anyones feelings. America used to be tough-talking, truth telling nation. From that we have become a milk toast bunch of cowards that are afraid to hurt someones feelings.Let’s start with the Phil Robertson issue. Not only is the entire argument a first amendment issue, not only Freedom of Speech, but how about Freedom of Religion. He was posed a question by a magazine, (knowing full well what his response would be for TONS of publicity.) He answered the question based on his faith. That simple. Then all of the gay groups flipped out and A&E started to apologize and Facebook became a war zone. Think about this the gay population is less than 2% of the entire population of the US. But apparently they have the largest lobby that lays in wait until someone says something they feel offended by, then they fire up the propaganda machine and everyone runs to their defense because lord forbid they feel as if they have been wronged. Then the media takes their side, because they fear their wrath. The beauty of doing what I do, I have no sponsors anyone can complain to so here we go. The man was asked about his faith, and since no one in the media has the guts to stand up for Christians, because it will impact their bottom line, let be give it a shot. Gay people in the United States have it better than any other place on the planet. You have parades, demonstrations and celebrate others that “come out” and that’s all well and good. So now it’s time for you to hike up the big girl panties and realize that the media that is protecting you right now, is the same media that is protecting the muslims that hang and stone gay people in their country. What Mr. Robertson said was NOT derogatory, nor was it inciting hatred, but then again knowing that wouldn’t sell air time would it? There are many people reading this right now that at time or another took an oath, an oath to “Defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The thing is, I am one of those folks that took that oath, and wouldn’t know know it, after looking into it, that oath has no expiration date. Political Correctness is nothing more than a way to take away your Freedoms, while you cheer it being done. You can’t speak freely about anything for fear of reprisal from the collective. Sorry, but I have always had a problem with rules, and now I have a forum. Stand up. Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and your country. Have the respect to at least argue for the rights better men died for. Fight for the Constitution. Fight for your right to free speech, fight for your freedom of religion, your right to bear arms. I know as soon as this gets around I will be attacked for writing this, I not only accept that, I look forward to it. That way I will be able to identify who the enemies of my country are. 

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