Friday, October 4, 2013

Normandy was closed when we got there too

      I really have been trying to stay on the moral high ground when commenting on our president. Today he went too far for me and this post is designed for those Obama supporters that remain. This feminine half white product of affirmative action has managed to do something today that most of you and all of his crew have no idea about. You see his lying ass has never seen hardship in his life. He has never slept outside in the winter or missed a cold meal while serving his country. None of the crime family that surrounds this charlatan either has served or has respect for those who have.

      There are two separate but in context jointed incidents that have caused me to become outraged. The National World War II Memorial took us until 2004 to erect and this is how much respect this administration has for those who saved the world for liberty in the 40’s. Normally there is no staff at the memorial but on Tuesday all of a sudden National Park Service Rangers were on the scene and barriers had been positioned. The occasion for the bunker approach was an incoming Honor Flight inbound from Mississippi. A flight of combat tested members of The Greatest Generation. You all know the rest of the story, Louie Gohmert and other conservative members of Congress intervened and the day was saved. The next day there were more and by today the barriers were wired together. I say Ranger Up former Rangers, bring the wire cutters! The tensions are running high. Radio personality Mark Levin issued a statement that if anyone lays one hand on one of these veterans he would bring a half million people to the memorial. I checked my schedule. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

      After a couple days of simmering over and waiting for the next escalation at the WWII Memorial I was hit with the next disgraceful un American throat punch that should cause every single Democrat that still loves his country and the .1% of us that stand between the world and them to step away from this tyrant immediately. I must set this up. Those reading that have served in the military, especially ground forces will understand quickly. I only single these forces out because it’s what I know. During my tour overseas during the Cold War 83-85, I was stationed in The Republic of Korea  just outside Uijongbu with an air defense artillery battery with the 2nd Infantry Division.  The equipment was raggedy (but lethal), funding low and workdays long. During the summer it was sweltering and it stank. The winters were brutally cold and the season when we were “in the field”. All this is not to bitch, I’d do it again for the robust monthly check of about $700.00 before taxes. Some conditions have changed, but that PFC is still out there in the ROK and Afghanistan and Djibouti and many other desolate dangerous places.

      I’m not as concerned with those on second or subsequent tours or enlistments, I’m  roaring pissed off for the first term young soldiers!  These bastards in Washington and the media prostitutes that are singing their song have reached a new low and every American should be furious! One thing military people do to stay sane is represent where they hail from and a universal way for Alpha Male troops (no the DADT bullshit will never take with a winning killing machine) is to express this through sports teams. This has been going on for my entire career and I’m quite sure for generations before mine. There is no greater comfort, or escape back to home and or sanity than that rare moment where the planets line up and your team is being televised at 0330 and you have to work at 0700. You are there, it is gold, it is like a three hour pass back home WOW! I just can’t explain to anyone who has not lived it how very damn important this is. It’s not like if the troops knew they couldn't have it they couldn’t suck that up and drive on, they can and do in a heartbeat. But to be commanded by a political jagoff that would knowingly and unnecessarily do that to you to make it look bad for the opposition is un freaking thinkable to this writer. Again it is even worse when you know this slacker of questioned origin has never done a damned thing to support our exceptional nation or put an ounce of sweat towards the cause of Liberty. This will not stand. Democrats check yourselves because the battle lines are being drawn and you are on the wrong side of America. Join us.

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