Monday, September 2, 2013

Why we should stay out of Syria.

The President came out Saturday and said he had decided to confer with Congress concerning any action in Syria. That is really nice of him since he is constitutionally bound to consult Congress before engaging in any military action which doesn’t impact the national security of the United States. Someone would need to explain to me how a civil war in Syria, directly impacts the security of the United States. Not to mention that Russia has already stated that if the US attacks Syria, the Russians will attack Saudi Arabia. Which would start World War III. Which is a steep penalty to pay for intervening in a civil war in a country where NO ONE likes us. On one hand you have the Assad regime, which is (for all intents and purposes) Hamas. While the rebels that this administration is so keen on siding with, are a nice mix of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters. In order for us to side with the rebels is nothing less than giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Not to mention we have three war ships in the area, while the Russians have none. Even the UN, that sent s special envoy to Syria, can confirm chemical weapons were used, but can’t determine who launched them. Why is this important? What would prevent Al-Qaeda from launching an attack on other “rebels” in order to garner sympathy? (Not the terrorists would EVER do anything like that.) 

For those that don’t remember, the emperor has already attacked a country, that had absolutely no chance of impacting this country. Where was Congress then? Why didn’t they call him out for violation of the Constitution? I truly think that he is gearing up, that if congress were to vote against any action, he may order the attack anyway. I would urge everyone to contact their representative and tell them to vote no to any action in Syria.

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