Sunday, September 29, 2013


New Intro from Crouching Penguin Productions,
Hutch’s voice is a little rough tonight,
Illegal wood,
Incest between Wshington and the Communist media,
SCR welcomes Ward Miller back to the show,
Spreecast becomes the flagship platform for the show,
UN envoys enjoy our tittie bars,
Women shouldn’t drive,
CNN doesn’t ax Susan Rice about Benghazi,
Ward breaks McCain recall in Arizona,
When the shutdown happens don’t buy the blame,
Rag Heads are ripping us off,
Stories breaking about Al Nusrah that you heard months ago on SCR,
Islam will not be hidden for much longer,
Did Democrats rat out Issa’s trip to Libya,
College students played as idiots,
Are more cops corrupt than not,
Demilitarize the police,
Ted Cruz takes his rightful place in under a year,

Guns back in the hands of the Marines at least

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