Thursday, September 5, 2013

Democrats and a History of Deception

If you listened to Tuesday night's episode of The Wayne Dupree and Friends show, you know I shared that the largest, most well armed and the group with the highest morale (critical) of the Syrian rebels is not The Free Syrian Army (FSA) as John Trainwreck Kerry states. The largest group of rebels in Syria is the Al Nusra Front. This group is the Syrian wing of Al Qaeda in Iraq which is just over Syria's eastern border.

Numerous ruling class and ignorant politicians in both parties are either lying to us or simply too stupid to know this. Syrian fighters are breaking from the FSA to join Al Nusra every day and their ranks continue to swell. Anything that we do or anything that we provide to the FSA will end up in the hands of these savage godless pieces of human debris.

Syria is currently ruled by people belonging to the Alawite faction of Islam and is only 12% of Syria's population. The rebels and the population of Syria are mostly Sunni. Iran is mostly Shiite and using Hezbollah for now to back the Assad government. Bashar Al Assad is not our friend but the one thing he did right was allow all of Syria's different religions to live peacefully together. 10% of Syrians are Christians and if the Assad regime falls they die. They are being killed now as the rebels move through the country.

We have been down this road before during the Clinton administration when we were lied to to facilitate the bombing of Christians to assist the Muslim Kosovo Liberation Army. Muslims now control the area. Below are some examples of who will get John McCain's and John Kerry's patriotic support.


Here is video concerning the Democrat rape of Serbia

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