Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Over The Line

There are no Democracies as we commonly understand them due to the Arab Spring. The corrupt media must have had a meeting and they are all trumpeting this untrue portrayal of what happened over the last year or two. Tens and even hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East and North Africa have perished and it has been fueled by the Democrat Party media wing.
But they held elections and Morsi was elected you'll say. So was Adolf Hitler. There was no freedom or equality. Women were beaten raped and humiliated. Christians were tortured, burned out and murdered and not a word from this fake cartel of propagandists. Any opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood was brutally eliminated. Western reporters were groped and that was reported, but no word broadcasted concerning Coptic Christian churches being attacked and destroyed.

Bill Kristol and other neocons got it completely wrong  and at the very least owe their followers an apology. The outcome is not clear in Egypt or Syria yet, but the misrepresentation of the Muslim Brotherhood is. The failure to identify this evil group as the Grand Poobah of all that is Al-Qaeda and all it's relatives is criminal. The easily proven infiltration of the US Government in both political parties by omission is treasonous and demands prosecution. Yes I believe we have reached a point in American history where so many get their news in sound bytes, that the media wing of the government must be held accountable.

The Middle East may not be enough to cause concern for many. The criminality of actions perpetrated by the frauds in the media become clearer concerning Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman should own NBC and ABC when his banana republic show trial is over. These gangsters convicted this poor man and successfully whipped up a racial frenzy in this country that could explode. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and every member of Congress that pontificated should be held criminally liable for any violence after Zimmerman is acquitted. It's more than a shame, these are crimes. Tapes and video's were doctored. Dated pictures of Martin were distributed to portray a young happy boy. I don't know what happened in Sanford, but I do know what's been "reported" and it has been to crucify a Mexican man for being white. Criminal.  

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