Saturday, June 22, 2013

Farewell and Greetings


It is with great sadness and a sense of awesome reflection that I make this announcement. My witty and sharp mild mannered co-host of three years and more importantly a good friend who I respect and care about has retired from Steel City Resistance. He is not leaving out of animosity or anything negatively related to the show.

Producing a podcast, especially one that is as passionate as ours is a stressful endeavor. Ward decided he had to get away from it for his own wellbeing.  I certainly wish it wasn’t to be, especially at this time in the shows history and future which I will get to in a minute. Ward and I had a real partnership that was something that really made me look forward to Sunday nights. His signature rants and situational awareness were second to none. There will be a hole in the studio on the one hand, but I also feel like a winner to claim I shared the airwaves with Ward for over 120 hours of top notch opinion journalism. Fearless and in your face I wish him nothing but happiness. Stay tuned to Burghseyeview, he’s funny as hell too.

Now for a State of the Show report. Mr. Ja (pronounced Jay) from Orlando FL will pick up co-host duties upon Wards recommendation and Mr. Ja’s acceptance. We have recently been picked up at the 405 Radio out of Los Angeles and SCR runs several times a week there. I recently watched a Spreecast episode of It’s Your Turn w/ Wayne Dupree (NewsNinja2012) and activated my webcam just in case. Much to my surprise Wayne brought me on the show, I gave my best outspoken pitch and I've been on every episode since. A couple weeks ago he asked me to come on his radio show, The Wayne Dupree show on the 405 and I had a great time. I asked them if they had any more slots so I could think about doing a live show and the producer said only if I could bring a big time sponsor, so that was out. Last week he had to go to New York to be on Hannity and he asked me to take over his show for the entire week and the Spreecast after that. During the last day of the Wayne Dupree show John, the producer asked if I was still interested in a live show as the 405 Radio had gone 24/7. Cutting to the chase Cold War Radio will air Monday nights with Mr. Ja and I. This show will have call ins and we can’t wait to launch on 1 July. So Sunday 7PM SCR, Mr Ja will activate SCR Southern Command and we will begin a new era with Cold War Radio (CWR) out of LA. SCR is now available for audio subscription via itunes and Stitcher and who knows where else and the video version of the show is available at SCRTV on Spreecast.

Let me just say thank you to you Ward we had a great run and I learned a great deal. I hope we can run into each other in our travels. Mr. Ja, I welcome you to the lowest paying job that you work your butt off at.

Hutch Jr.

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