Sunday, May 13, 2012


Media and DNC Smokescreen operations,
Europe heading further to the left,
Cali $16B in the red,
Is Obama going to go down big ?,
Military planners make military plans,
Islam is the enemy,
Libertarians: We must survive in the world as it is,
Ronulan’s are helping the communists,
Jihad Watch catching on,
Get your free government phones today,
WV almost picks a federal convict over Obama,
DOJ…You shouldn’t mess with Sherriff Joe,
Jurassic media declares Tea Party dead…ask Lugar,
Leftists losing at every turn,
The lies run deep,
The death of Liberalism,
We are getting fleeced in Afghanistan,
Law of the Sea Treaty (Lost),
Evict the United Nations now!

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