Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stand Up for Yourself

Dear Obama supporting modern Democrat, I don’t want you to talk to me about George W. Bush. I don’t care about George W. Bush. Let’s stop with the smoke and mirrors designed to fool the unionized public school and elite communist university educated idiots. Have a set of balls and stand up for your principals. Convince me that it’s good for poor people to be trapped in your entitlement slavery. Convince me that skin color should be the determining hiring factor in unionized public sector jobs. Convince me that it’s great to bow to Arab tyrants and talk down to American Catholic bishops. Steer me away from thinking the US Constitution means what it says when it declares I have the right to keep and BEAR arms. Be honest and convince me it is American for the federal government to facilitate ownership of GM and Chrysler to the United Auto Workers Union and hose the bond holders of those failed companies.

All you have is smoke and lies. According to you for decades all I want is to starve children, pollute the air, water, airwaves and national parks. I want to screw the middle class and enrich evil corporations. I hate women. I hate homosexuals. I hate education. I hate government. I hate America. I want the elderly to eat dog food and be unable to obtain medicine.

Please stand your ground and understand what you stand for. Tell me why we should gut our fabulous military and prosecute combat vets. You must feel that giant unionized public schools are much smarter than private, parochial and charter schools just look how we match up in the world. You claim I am a racist but remember one thing. Every Democrat was not in the Ku Klux Klan, but every member of the Ku Klux Klan was a Democrat. Gun control was enacted to keep American blacks from owning firearms to protect themselves from Democrats. My party was established to free and protect blacks. Tell me what a great job your party has done when it comes to the black community, you folks own that one. Why do you get insulted when we identify you as communist or socialist ? It is what you stand for. You never take a stand and say the federal government should control every aspect of American life and you have allowed your leaders to design a health care system that doesn’t have anything to do with health. Explain to me why you people are so arrogant that you have regulated our natural resources to the point that we have to import oil from your friends and my enemies.

With an honest representation of your proven views, you lose hands down every time. Just be who you are. If after reading this you are banging the table declaring that I don’t believe all that, you have been hijacked my friend. If you are associated with the Democrat party, any union or even own a new GM or Chrysler, you are indirectly financially supporting people who are knowingly and unknowingly (the young ones) destroying America as we know it.

Hutch Jr.

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