Friday, April 27, 2012

How fair is fair?

Why is it every time I hear this president speak, the words “fair”, “Fair share” or “right” are the only words he focuses on? He seems to have a thing against successful people.  How can any sane person feel that the current version of the tax system is anything close to fair? The top 1% pay 53% of all taxes. If you want to talk about a “fair tax” we should institute a consumption tax. That way every consumer pays tax, no one is exempt, we can disband the IRS, no need for tax layers, in addition to not needing an advanced degree to prepare your taxes. It could be a simple as a 3% tax on consumables. For example, if you were to by a car that cost $1000.00 dollars, after tax it is $1300.00, now there is no need to file a tax form.
This idea of fairness is the furthest thing from fair as possible. Why is it liberals feel that being successful is a bad thing? Most wealthy people got that way by creating something unique, hiring people to sell the product there by creating jobs and helping the economy move forward. How can anyone believe there is anything fair with demonizing the wealthy, the small to medium business owners that propel the economy are the bad guys.  
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