Monday, March 26, 2012


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  1. For the "die hard Paul guys" Hutch, there is no end until the RNC brokered convention, and you know this (I think). You say "this isn't the place to do this" but the "Paul-guys" feel this IS the place to do this, even within the RNC where there will be many committed Paul delegates. You said "he hasn't been available to the media", but he actually has. All you need to do is YouTube his name and sort by Time to see where he was on television recently. Some have even said that he hasn't been campaigning in some states such as Michigan, but I saw a YouTube video recently of Ron Paul's recent visit to Michigan State Univ before 4000 supporters. Maybe the reason why "he hasn't been competitive" as you both say is because most of the mainstream media & talking-heads either never mention his name, like he's the 13th floor of a hotel, or they distort his message. So if most of the general public either receive no message or a distorted message, what do you expect? On this Florida Zimmerman vs. Miller deal, it supposedly wasn't Zimmerman either screaming. I heard it was one of the observers screaming. And it's not the "Black Panther Party" but "New Black Panther Party" which indeed as you said is Communist in nature. What the Zimmerman supporters need to do is form a militia and take a willing Zimmerman, who'll also be fully armed, to the Florida's New Black Panther Party HQ to collect the $10,000 bounty. On Dick Cheney, may he heal rapidly from his operation. But know he's a CFR member, an organization since day 1 that seeks a NWO.