Sunday, March 4, 2012


Justin comments from A Conservative Mindset ,
Did Chris Wallace and Fox News sell out to the establishment ?,
Misdirection Limbaugh Arpaio Wallace, who else ,
SCR Facebook page is taken up a level and Ward rocks!,
PA Delegate candidate Wander explains the details to the Resistance,
Eric calls in with strict Libertarian ideals,
Ward doesn’t want to hear the welfare perspective,
Hutch explains the road ahead,
If we don’t get our shit together Obama will win folks,
Palin actually mentioned Allen West’s name by God,
RIP Andrew Breitbart God it was like Roberto Clemente to me,
Muslims say Obama is a Muslim, Ass Lifter in Chief,
Watch what you say the administration is listening,
Networks and Establishment are in cahoots…don’t be fooled

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