Saturday, March 31, 2012

Occupy Sanity

occupy-wall-street-revolution-2.jpgEveryone has heard of the occupy movement. Their slogan is we are the 99%. I think their math is a little fuzzy. According to records released by the government, the number is closer to 14%. 14% is the number of people unemployed, underemployed, and those that gave up looking for a job. If you take the time and listen to these "protesters" you find out they really don't know why they are there, they want to demonstrate against the banks. Now this makes absolutely no sense, the banks don't dictate whether or not jobs are available. The current administration makes it harder on small businesses to create jobs. Between the regulations imposed by the EPA, and the threat of Obamacare, businesses are afraid to hire people. Thats the first point. Secondly many of these "protesters" think that because they graduated from collage they deserve to be a CEO. (In essence putting themselves into the 1%, using their terms) however many of them have an art history major, or have their face pierced or tattooed. While they have every right to scar themselves in whatever manner they find appropriate. (Protected by the first amendment), any future employer has the right to not give them a job.

While I am generalizing a bit, the point is still sound. If these people want a job in corporate America, there is a "look" that is considered appropriate. Most of the people doing the interviews have the same outlook as I do. Tattoos are awesome. is you want a tattoo that is great, but when you tattoo your neck or face, you won't ever get a job as a CEO (unless it is your own company, which you are free to start in this country) or if your goal is to be a tattoo artist, more power to you.

The bottom line is, some of the decisions you make in your youth can impact your life as you get older. The piercings and tattoos are cool in your youth, but moving into your adult life (as bad as it sounds) that is how you will be judged. Instead of protesting the banks because you are unemployed or underemployed, maybe the reason for this can be found in the mirror.

Just a thought...

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