Sunday, February 26, 2012


We will not flip flop on Allen West,
Allen West on NDAA ,
Stop the DNC Debates,
We Pick Rick ,
Criminal Charges for Solyndra possible,
Obama 2nd term = Articles of Impeachment,
Pack our shit and come home! ,
Act of Valor rocks and rolls,
Trump puts down Santorum,
Churches everywhere: Go God!
If they ask you a stupid question…Don’t Answer It! ,
Newt has ObamaCare problem,
Muslim PA Judge Mark Martin let’s Sharia trump US Law,
President bows down and pisses Ward off! ,
The Czar Report,
Syria’s and maybe Saddam’s WMD,
Collusion between Paul and Romney camps,
The Left abhors Christianity,
Onions killing Americans,
Let the Middle East drink their oil,
SCR talks military

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