Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Welcome back to the Resistance,
Weekend debates about gays and rubbers,
Savage bails on Romney,
These leftists understand the game,
Stay alert Chris!,
Christie is a heavyweight,
Every federal dollar that doesn’t go to handouts is borrowed,
Iran Venezuela Axis of danger,
It’s all about the martyrdom baby,
No more capability to fight two wars simultaneously,
Obama’s legitimacy questioned in court,
Good Job to Lowes! ,
All American Muslim propaganda garbage lost advertisers,
Guam tips over,
Bare Naked Islam takes a temporary hit,
Race card is burned out comrades


  1. Hard hitting - the real deal on current events.

  2. Thank you anne for your kind words... We try.

  3. Appreciate it Anne! We missed an email of yours (I think it's yours) and we'll cover it next week!

  4. Cannot WAIT to hear it! I came here READY to complain about where is the next show. Thanks, guys.

  5. Thanks for the support X, check out the new SCRTV52 as well, audio is not perfect yet but video is better