Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ron Paul still can’t get SCR’s love,
Don’t fall for a 3rd party at this time,
Hit up the chatroom, Sunday’s 7PM Steel City Time,
Where is DHS with revolutionary protests ?,
Gingrich is the next threat, and target,
Throw out the leftist moderators,
OWS shut down in NYC and elsewhere,
Their opportunity to be like Che,
Occupy Scott Walker,
The end of Occupy Wall Street ?,
Bombshell new Book, Throw Them All Out!,
State department training Muslim Brotherhood,
Ann Barnhardt hangs it up,
Left Wing media is predictable,
Mitt has never been harassed by the make believe media…hmmmmm,
Let’s thin the GOP herd a little


  1. Where did you get the information on Tides Foundation funding IAVA? I looked on the Tides website through the Grantees for 2009 and 2010 and didn't find them. Did the fundiong just start this year or is it going through an intermediate organization? Need to know, as I network with a lot of veterans and veteran organizations.

  2. Hi Ann, with all the tangled web of networks I confused with the tides foundation. It's not really off though as MO receives funding from Tides. Here is a blog post that explains alot, but I am still trying to provide hard data. I will post more findings here.

  3. Some more interesting information

  4. The Capital Research Center calls them out on page 4 here

    Hope this helps, and I hope your are ejoying the show, please let us know!