Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

As we celebrate Labor Day with our family and friends, let's take a moment to think about those who are not currently in the labor force, and why. The current administration has stated son many occasions that they feel they can regulate us out of unemployment, as well as spend us out of debt. Both of these proposed solutions have not worked, nor can they ever work. This would be like trying to screw your way out of prostitution. It just doesn't work like that.

Since President Obama took office 2.5 million people have become unemployed. The president is still fixated on his mantra that "It is all Bush's fault!". My question to you is: "When is the President going to start leading from the front instead of the rear?" Under this President's watch we have seen:

1) The US credit rating downgraded.

2) Seen the Unemployment numbers soar above 9.7 percent.

3) Engage in an illegal war. (Libya)

What part of these things is Bush's fault? Was it Bush's fault that the President failed to lead Congress and the Senate on the debt ceiling crisis?

Is it Bush's fault that Cass Sunstein is creating more and more regulations each and every day that strangle business? Is it Bush's fault that we are currently engaged in an illegal war in Libya?

Where are the protestors? You know the one's like Cindy Sheehan, out protesting this illegal war? Many feel that the war in Iraq was unjust. In any case the President sought and was granted Congressional approval to commence actions in Iraq. The war no matter your thinking, it was not illegal. The operation in Libya is illegal. It is a clear violation of the war powers act.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, both houses were shown intel, that demonstrated that Saddam Hussain was building weapons of mass destruction. The intel was faulty. Maybe if we had intel officers in country, rather than relying on satellites, the President may have not made such a choice. (Thanks Bill Clinton for cutting the Intel budget, so we didn't have boots on the ground.) But it is, what it is. Bush never pointed this fact out. Too bad this President lacks that sort of class.

So today while you are enjoying your hotdogs and family time, the President is kicking off his re-election campaign. Does he deserve it? Leave your comments below.

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