Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sorry for last week and an initial upload malfunction
Michelle Bachman is rising and the terror is apparent
Ma’am are you a Flake ?
Issa carries the load, Fast and Furious
Does it reach Holder or higher ?
Ward touches on Net Neutrality
We visit the chat room
Muslim Marine Reservist “Aluah Ahkbar”
Profiling is certainly in order
We’re looking for weapons when we should be looking for terrorists
“Journalists” to be on the Flotilla
Joshua Wander interview coming up on a future episode
NLRB vs Free Market
ACORN gets hit again
Media will not identify gangs as black
Communist Police Commissioner uses black congregation
This guy is in charge of a huge armed force
The KKK was a wing of the Democrat party, end of story

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