Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heading North

As you know, I’ve been hunkered down in my southern bunker at Ft. Rucker in southern Alabama for the last five weeks. It is amazing to me that Ward and I were able to pull it off without missing an episode. I’ll be packing up and pointing my truck north on Saturday and should be back in the studio by showtime on Sunday. After utilizing Skype on a slow modem for the past five episodes, I hope you enjoy the more superior audio that we will present moving forward. Hat’s off to Ward for picking up the ball and allowing continuity. Our audience is not huge, but to those of you who have allowed us into your life, we regard you in the highest light.

After attending grinding classes at the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career College, I wanted to share a few things. First, rest assured you have a corps, or as it is now described in our circles a cohort of dedicated, experienced, blooded, superior men and women acting on your behalf. Your Warrant Officer Corps is second to none, from Equipment Maintenance Technicians (me) to award winning Culinary experts, from world class Bandmasters to secret agent Intelligence Officers from undercover CID Agents to Apache Gunship pilots with so many enemy kills they can’t remember how many, from Human Resource specialists to IT experts, from Communications Techs to Aviation Technicians from Supply gurus to the folks that pilot the Chinooks, fixed wing, Blackhawks and OH 58’s that are the lifeblood of your Army. I stand in awe with my brothers and sisters as these folks work miracles every day all over the world, we even had a Chief from the veterinary corps. I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone I’m sorry if I did. Out of 65+ Senior Warrant Officers you could count those who haven’t experienced a combat tour on one hand. That is certainly not a statement to belittle those honorable CWO’s just a statement for context. Almost all of us have another tour on the horizon, at least one National Guard CW3 within 30 days. I salute all of you.

Often our military is depicted as being brave kids, and we have those in abundance, but I just wanted to illustrate the experienced and over 40 set that is there to guide them. I’ll be back in the bunker shortly and I’ll forget names and stories and figured I would share this before that happens. Looking forward to getting back to Pittsburgh and away from 4 weeks straight of over 90 degree temps. See you soon!
Hutch Jr.

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