Sunday, May 1, 2011


Keep sending it Eric
Trump a spoiler ?
Transparency in Foreign Aid
All Republicans are racists
LTC West, send us an email
Hey POTUS Texas is on fire!
Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Arab slavery
Van Jones is back promoting communist green agenda
The Tea Party is changing the country
What’s up with Syria ?
No Easter Statement from White House ?
Australia and John Howard is spot on !
Hutch gets emotional
The Ed Schultz’s be damned!
The American Flag gets the top spot
Is the suicide rate up with kids ?
Superman rejects US citizenship
Planned Parenthood = Margaret Sanger

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  1. Sorry to disappoint you, I am not a Democrat or a Communist. What I am is the only current option to pull this city out of its 78 year vicious cycle. Since I am the only Republican in the city that's running I expect the support of all Republicans in the city, regardless of district. How can you help? Visit to read the latest news and to support me. Thanks Guys!