Saturday, May 14, 2011

Inexperience shows

Prior to the 2008 election, the only positive platform that then Senator Obama could run on was the fact that he was not President Bush. While the country was looking for a change, they refused to listen to what he was saying. When he told "Joe the plumber" that he wanted to redistribute the wealth, no one paid attention, and said "he ain't McCain". and so we are saddled with what we have today. Let's just go over a few of Barry's shortfalls.

First and foremost, he NEVER served in the military. But yet he is the Commander In Chief. This happened when Clinton was President, and everyone knows he is a draft dodger. The difference is Slick Willy wasn't involved in a war much less two wars. He proved that he had no stomach for it in Somalia. Especially when engaged in war, the President should have some military experience, not necessarily have gone to war, but at least had the guts to enlist.

Secondly, the President was not a business man. He has no idea how the "real world" works. When you try to punish a company or an entire industry (see oil companies) the only group this ever hurts is the consumers. We are at the point with our economy that that the President wants to demonstrate how evil the oil companies are, that he wants to over tax them while not allowing any new oil drilling anywhere in the US. I am not even talking about the Gulf of Mexico, or Anwar, how about Oklahoma, Texas or Louisiana. But yet he is ready to pay Brazil to supply us with yet more dependance on foreign oil.

Remember this, "Every path leads to oil". What does that mean? Most of the problems this country has right now can be addressed by becoming self sufficient when it comes to oil. Think about it... If the price of oil drops, the price of gas drops, it then costs less to harvest and ship food. Oil is the lynchpin to most of the problems with the economy. Raising the taxes on the oil industry does NOTHING to them. If the President had ANY business experience he would be aware that the oil industry doesn't pay taxes, it only collects taxes. If the President adds a 5% tax, do you think the oil company really pays that tax? No way, your price for gas at the pump just went up 5%.

While we are at it...Why do Democrats and the President try to vilify anyone that makes money? The most common mantra of the left is "Tax the rich" "Get more money from the rich" and my favorite "pay their fair share". There is no "rich" person who currently doesn't pay his fair share, plus the fair share of quite a few hundred people. These are the people that create jobs. (The private sector jobs, that the president likes to brag about) The government can't create public sector jobs, the only thing the government can do is hamper private sector jobs by imposing ridiculous taxes and health care mandates on the people that can help grow the economy.

My only hope is that the American people realize thet they were taken, and rectify this in the 2012 elections. That is change I can beleive in.

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