Friday, February 25, 2011

Obama, Gadhafi, and Mubarak... Oh my...

Once again the Obama administration stepped in it in regards to foreign policy. Even France has stepped forward to condemn Gadhafi, but yet the President of the United States, has yet to say anything. The odd thing is that a month ago, when the uprising in Egypt had occurred, the administration jumped in to first criticize the protesters and support Mubarak, then days later reversing their position to saying Mubarak had to step down. Supposedly the king of Saudi Arabia, contacted and chastised Obama for turning his back on a man that was a friend to this country. Does that mean that the President has become "gun-shy" when dealing with other countries? Gadhafi was NEVER a friend of the United States. Anybody old enough will remember the showdown he had with President Reagan and the "Line of Death", which resulted in the bombing in Libya. It was also disclosed this week that Gadhafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing.

What I find funny is that the way the Obama supporters are attacking conservatives when Obama is questioned as to why he is not denouncing Gadhafi. Obama supporters claim that Republicans are painting him as a Gadhafi supporter. I don't believe that. I think that after the terrible way the Egyptian crisis was handled, is the reason he (and by he I mean the entire administration) refuse to do anything with Libya.

Doesn't this remind you of the manner in which Jimmy Carter handled the Iranian Crisis?

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