Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Hope

Yeah I know it was the sub title of one of the Star Wars movies, but it also applies to the 112th Congress. This week the new Congressmen were sworn in, and a new speaker was elected (Thank God). On the first full day of John Boehner's leadership the first thing that was done, was the Constitution was read aloud on the floor of Congress, hopefully pointing to a return of the Constitution, with Mr. Boehner starting with "We the People..." and then each member reading an article. (In my opinion one of the funniest moments was when Nancy Pelosi had to read the commerce clause. Why was that funny you ask? That was the clause of the constitution that she sited to prove the constitutionality of the Obama Health care bill, that is currently being contested in federal court.

Another "rule" that Mr. Boehner implemented was that any bill brought before congress MUST show the Constitutional article that supports the bill. I truly hope that this is a promise that is kept, because promises in Washington don't really impress me. The American people have been sucker-punched more than once by political promises. Such as "There will be complete transparency" "All debates will be made public on C-Span" (where was the healthcare debate?) or "all legislation will be posted online for five days before it is signed into law" to name a few.

I am an optimist, and truly hope that this new congress does what WE hired them to do. Never forget, even though the politicians may have, they work for us. Think about it this way. If you went to work, and your boss told you I want you to do this task, and you totally ignored him and did the task your way, and when questioned you said, "I know what is best for the company", how long would you have a job? The same applies to Washington, They work for us, and I think that November sent a clear message that they work for us. If not, 2012 is right around the corner, so some of these elected officials better get with the program, or update their resumes.

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