Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bullet Trains?A good call...

Last week at the SOTU address, The President said we need to improve our infrastructure. He said "if it were graded, our infrastructure would receive a D" Now here is my question, what happened to the TRILLION dollar stimulus that his administration already approved for infrastructure upgrades. How is the President going to upgrade the infrastructure you ask? Bullet Trains. Yes, the bullet train. Every other communist or socialist regime has them, so he needs us to have one. The problem with this theory is, currently the government subsidizes AmTrack, which 42 of the 44 routes LOSE MONEY! The fact that rail travel in the US is not used. Now to add more money, (and it would be a TON of money) to upgrade the current railroad infrastructure, for something that is not being used, makes no sense.

A new report came out today with 10 people killed in Germany, with a bullet train colliding with a cargo train. We would have the same issue here. (Read the story)The rail system that we have here, the cargo trains would have to share the same rails as the bullet train. If you think about it, how often do you hear about a cargo train derailing? They are derailing at fairly low speed. What happens when you multiply the speed of the train by 10 or 20 MPH?

Another solution that surfaced was a spending freeze. The national debt keeps climbing, and a spending freeze would not reduce the debt. The only thing that will reduce the debt is spending cuts. That is simple math. The only way to reduce the debt is to SUBTRACT from it, not freeze it. That is simple math. One project to be eliminated that would reduce the debt, is Obamacare. Would repealing Obamacare fix all of our debt problems? No, but it is a good start.

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