Thursday, December 23, 2010

UN Launches Probe Into Bradley Manning 'Torture'

ManningApparently the UN feels it necessary to try to intervene in the way the United States military handles traitors to this country in a time of war. This man committed a crime while serving in the armed force and is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Manning gave aid and comfort to the enemy. The fact that they are keeping him in solitary confinement is for his own protection. Were he to be moved to “general populace” the outcome could be quite severe.
Even though he is currently being held at a Marine brig in Quantico, Va., the other inmates may take offence that this guy sold out his fellow soldiers. Even though they are in the brig (for whatever offence) the saying “Once a Marine…Always a Marine” still applies.
No matter how you try to frame it, this guy is still a traitor to this country. His “excuse” for leaking Top Secret documents being a protest to “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” is in now way an excuse for putting the lives of our troops in danger.
That being said, I also find it odd that the Obama administration didn’t condemn this from the start, but sat back figuring that there would be more information released that they could blame on President Bush, however after the second round came out and it cast them in the bad light, the decide to go after Julian Assange. Now I am not defending what Assange did, but those documents had to come from somewhere, and the fact he published them makes him scum, but why isn’t the administration looking to find where the leak is and plug it. While Manning did give up Top Secret documents, he couldn’t be the only one. For example, how is a Pvt. in the Army is going to have access to State department cables. I can understand his access as a intelligence specialist having military related documents, but not all of the documents.
Is it possible that there is a disgruntled employee in the State department? Just a thought.

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