Cold War Radio Show Notes Links CWR#525 - #548


Commissioner Suggests U.N. Send Troops To Fight ‘Quiet Genocide’ Of Gun Violence In Chicago
Head of Congressional Ethics Office Sued for Abusing Position, Accused of Assaulting Women
FCC Repeals Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rule
Rep. Trey Gowdy ‘Predicts’ Deputy FBI Director Andrew Mccabe Will Be FIRED By Next Week
With Her Eye on 2020, Sen. Kamala Harris Calls on Pres. Trump to Resign Over Unproven Sex Harassment Accusations


Wife of DOJ Deputy Was Fusion GPS Employee, CIA Research Aide
Media Manuevers To Manipulate Alabama Voters – Once Again Murdoch’s FOX GOPe Agenda
The Genius Of Trump, Still Shining
CNN’s Jim Acosta Triggered After Sarah Sanders Threatens His White House Access
President Donald Trump Sending NASA Back the Moon – And Beyond

Weekly Jihad Report
Dick Manaserri , Refugee Resettlement Monitor – Michigan


Indiana Congressional Candidate Claims The Pence Orbit Is Discouraging Competition
Shariahville, USA: Cities 'Surrender' To Islam
GOP Senate Campaign Chair: ‘Moore Will Never’ Have Our Support
Ryan: I Stand By My Call For Roy Moore To Drop Out Of Senate Race
Top DOJ Official Demoted Amid Probe Of Contacts With Trump Dossier Firm


COVER-UP: FBI Blocks Information About Trump-Hater Peter Strzok From Website
Jeff Flake ‘Quietly’ Crafting Gang of Eight-Style DACA Amnesty with Democrats
Sadat's Historic Visit To Israel: 40 Years Later
Mueller's FBI Will Never Recover Its Good Name
Mastermind of largest Social Security fraud in history caught in Honduras


Weekly Jihad Report
A Judicial Watch Special Report

Exposing The Deep State


Muslim Population In Some European Countries ‘Could Triple’ By 2050′
‘We Have Rapists Here In This Building’ — California Legislators Hear Horror Stories Of Broken Harassment Reporting System
White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo
Six Minutes to Counterattack: South Korea Shows Plan to Strike Back at North’s Missiles
University Event Highlights 14 Ways ‘Whiteness’ Oppresses Society

Elizabeth Warren Faces ‘Political Destruction’ Amid Rumors CFPB Engaged In Multi-Billion Dollar ‘Scheme’
Senate Committee Advances GOP Tax Bill, Moving Closer To Floor Vote
Candace Owens Video: Kaepernick, Jay Z And Al Sharpton Are Frauds
CNN Anchor Badgers Alabama Write-In Candidate About Roy Moore
Trump Family Christmas Card Wishes Families ‘Merry Christmas’ Instead of ‘Happy Holidays’


Weekly Jihad Report
Anthony Weiner Photos Scandal: Which Party Has the Most Sex Scandals?
The Red Carpet Code Of Silence In Hollywood
35+ Famous People Charged With Sex Crimes 
Hollywood is Sick & Perverted


The Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon
The Next Big Middle Eastern War
How Obama Brought Back Muslim Slavery Of Black People
Federal Judge Says Trump Administration Can’t Stop Funding Sex-Reassignment Surgeries For Military Members
Hate Hoax: Racist Graffiti At High School Was Written By ‘Non-White’ Student


"Birth Control or Race Control? Sanger and the Negro Project"
Congress’s Planned Parenthood Investigations Find Horrifying, Criminal Practices
Controlling “Human Weeds” 


Zimbabwe's Coup, Venezuela's Default, And The Ongoing Failure Of Socialism
Secret FBI Informant Breaks Silence on Uranium One Scandal — Says Proof of Wrongdoing ‘Exists’


Judge Roy Moore
President Trump Secures Release of Three Thieving UCLA Student Athletes Arrested in China
China's Supercomputers Race Past US To World Dominance
“Secret Grudge” Caused “Socialist” Doctor To Attack Rand Paul As Details of Property Troubles Emerge
Limbaugh: ‘Search-and-Destroy Mission’ Against Roy Moore Is Really About Mitch McConnell Sending Steve Bannon a Message


Weekly Jihad Report
Special Guest Brett McDonald
What got our attention:
This Radical Marxist Group Won 12+ Seats Last Night…The Democratic Socialists Of America MUST Be Stopped
New Judge On Fusion GPS Dossier Case Is Podesta’s Best Friend, Former Co-Professor At Georgetown…
How Many Members Of The U.S. Congress are Self-Declared Socialists?


This Radical Marxist Group Won 12+ Seats Last Night…The Democratic Socialists Of America MUST Be Stopped
Mitch McConnell Says Roy Moore Should Exit Senate Race ‘if These Allegations Are True’
Army To Determine If Bergdahl Is Owed Back Pay For His Time In Captivity
More Significant Layoffs Are Coming to ESPN


Several of Top Saudi Officials Arrested Over Weekend Are Linked to Podesta Group
Ralph Northam Campaign Blames Russian ‘Bots’ for Stoking the Latino Victory Ad Controversy
Report: TX Gunman Escaped From Mental Health Facility In 2012
Judicial Watch Sues To Expose Real Collusion: ‘Comey Testimony Closely Coordinated With Mueller’
The Dog That Didn't Bark: 100th Anniversary Of The Great October Revolution Gets No Celebration In Russia


Weekly Jihad Report
Bolsheviks Revolt In Russia
Communism’s Bloody Century
Allied Expeditionary Force POWs, Siberia – 1919
The Communist Origins of the Antifa Extremist Group
The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


JUDICIAL WATCH: Mueller Partnered with Radical Islamist Groups to Purge Anti-Terrorism Training Manuals
Judicial Watch Report 2013
Follow Up 2015
Kurds Rally at White House: ‘Our Peshmerga Needs Your Support’
Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC
MSNBC And CNN Guests Look To Blame Manhattan Truck Terror On Anything But Jihad


Sentencing To Begin In Bowe Bergdahl's Court-Martial
Berkeley Could Make It Even Harder For City Police To Control Violent Protests
Can Trump Convince China To Make A Huge Energy Investment In The US?
Eight Dead After Truck Driver Runs Down Pedestrians in NYC
Rep. Jeb Hensarling Won’t Run For Re-Election In 2018


Weekly Jihad Report
Meet the Four Americans Who Defected to North Korea in the 1960s
What Happened to Joseph White?
The Two Koreas And The Vietnam War
North Korea profile – Timeline


WSJ Editorial Board Calls on Robert Mueller to Resign from Russia Probe
Here Are The 20 House Republicans Who Voted Against The GOP Budget
Clinton Playbook Being Rolled Out To Protect Hillary
Release of JFK Assassination File Is Delayed as Deadline Looms
Police Report Filed After Don Lemon Gets Alleged Death Threat from White Nationalist


Tucker Carlson Trolls Democrats: ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Trump-Russia ‘Hysteria’ Will Be ‘Fun to Watch’
Irony – Rep Frederica Wilson Wrote Legislation Demanding DoD Policy That Framed Lethal Mission of Sgt. Johnson
Dismantling The Deep State: From JFK To HRC
Steve Bannon Slams the ‘Geniuses’ of the Foreign Policy Elite in Washington
Poll: 56 Percent of Republicans Want Mitch McConnell to Resign


Weekly Jihad Report,
Sultan Erdogan and the New Janissaries,
Russian Journalist Stabbed In Neck ‘In Medical Coma’,
All The President's Men And Women: Trump-Like Leaders Proliferate,
International Red Cross Equates Mexico-Texas Border with War Zone,
So What Was John Podesta's Now-Collapsed Russian Green Energy Scheme Really All About?


Kurdistan Spox: Administration ‘Turning a Blind Eye’ to Iranian-Backed Militias with U.S. Weapons in Kurdistan
Chief Of Staff Kelly Gives Emotional Presser
Beware of the Bannon
Jeff Sessions and the Conservative Talkers
Donald Trump Blasts Media for Ignoring Russia Uranium Deal Story

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